LIVE on tour: Your list of upcoming concerts in Dallas


Photo by Emma Short

The stage at Grandscape in The Colony advertises the artists coming to their stage in the next few days. Some of these lesser-known shows include artist Monte Montgomery, band The After Party and a LIVE 80’s Experience. Shows at Grandscape are free to the public, and more information can be found at

As my teenage years have progressed, I have become more obsessed with music. My Spotify is filled with several quirky playlists, some with hundreds of songs under the same genre. Although there are so many artists I would give my life to see perform, I have been to few concerts in my teenage years. As life starts slowly returning to normal, tours are being rescheduled and the cheers coming from the American Airlines Center are ringing in my ears. In an attempt to rein in my excitement, I have compiled a list of the musical artists and tours coming to the Dallas area in the next few months.


Surfaces: Good 2 Be Back Tour, Oct. 1 at House of Blues, Dallas

The idea of a “boyband” has been revamped due to the addition of Surfaces on the radio. As the R&B pop band increased in popularity, Surfaces has had multiple radio #1 hits and recently got to collaborate with Elton John on their song, “Learn to Fly.” While it might be a little late to buy tickets for this event, I am sure the House of Blues will be a very enjoyable and intimate venue to attend if you are able to find some cheap tickets at the last minute. 


Jonas Brothers: The Remember This Tour, Oct. 22 at Dos Equis Pavilion, Dallas

Following their unexpected comeback tour in 2020, the pop trio is back with another tour around the United States this fall. While I have never really had a Jonas Brothers phase, I am a boyband-obsessed teenager, and I’m sure the appeal will soon come around to me. 


Post Malone: Posty Fest, Oct. 30-31 at AT&T Stadium, Arlington

Attending a Halloween concert is a dream of mine, and I’m sure rapper Post Malone’s Halloween concert will be a memorable experience for those attending. The other locations of his tour include New York City, Norway, Portugal and Brazil, so it is almost heartwarming that he also decided to stop by his hometown near the D.F.W. area in the middle of his other exotic shows. While I am only really aware of a couple of his most popular songs, I’m sure many teenagers in the area would love to attend. 


Tame Impala: Slow Rush Tour, Nov. 9 at American Airlines Center, Dallas

I bought tickets to see Tame Impala immediately after I heard about the concert despite my commitment issues when it comes to spending money. I had a phase last spring where I listened to so many of producer Kevin Parker’s lesser-known songs that I am now counting down the days to see the bright neon lights and a long-haired Australian man jumping up and down.


COIN: Rainbow Dreamland Tour, Nov. 19 at South Side Ballroom, Dallas

The iconic pop trio will be travelling around the United States to tribute their new “Rainbow Mixtape” and their previous “Dreamland” albums. While I know many teenagers who are fans of COIN, my mom is also excited to attend the concert. COIN will put on one hype pop concert for all ages. 


Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Christmas Eve & Other Stories, Dec. 11 at American Airlines Center, Dallas

I recognize how nerdy this sounds, but hearing the famous Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform its 1996 Christmas album at an arena live in December sounds like a dream. As someone with a Christmas obsession and many friends in band who make the fact that they play an instrument their entire personality, I would love to attend this 25-year anniversary of the orchestra’s best album with them.


Elton John: Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, Jan. 25-26 at American Airlines Center, Dallas

While this is one world tour I am excited for, it’s also a very sad announcement. Elton John will be coming to Dallas for his final tour ever in January, and I’m sure many adults will be in attendance to relive the 80s. While ticket prices are rising by the day, John’s final tour is sure to be entirely worth the price. 


Louis Tomlinson: Louis Tomlinson World Tour, Feb. 1 at South Side Ballroom, Dallas

As the self-proclaimed biggest One Direction fan at Hebron, I will 100% be attending this former 1D singer’s concert. This might not be a huge, interesting event for most teenagers, but I know a few friends and I will love the intimacy of the small venue and one of our all-time favorite young male pop rock artists. 


Tyler, The Creator: Call Me If You Get Lost, Feb. 16 at American Airlines Center, Dallas

As hip-hop artist Tyler Okonma has become extremely popular the last few years, he will confirm the well-known notion that his concerts are some of the most fun to attend during his 2022 tour. He is going on tour to over 10 different countries to appeal to his huge variety of audiences, which I am sure many teens from around the world are excited to experience. 


While I’m only committed to two of these concerts, I know once the shows approach I’ll impulsively purchase tickets. While expensive, I can’t wait to live out my teenage years and experience unforgettable nights with my favorite artists.