Ed Sheeran “=” emotional


Photo by ABC News

Ed Sheeran released his fifth studio album “=” on Oct. 29. In this album, Sheeran explores fatherhood and marriage. Although I was worried about the sound of this album after the release of singles “Bad Habits” and “Shivers,” “=” brings a perfect mix of energy and woe.

I have been a “Sheerio,” or Ed Sheeran fan, ever since I saw him open for Taylor Swift on her “Red” tour. I have been waiting for this album ever since his single “Afterglow” was released in 2020. I was really hoping that this album would be similar to his older more acoustic albums, but it ended up being more pop-sounding with a few slower songs. Despite the disappointment the sound of the album caused, the lyrics drew me in.

Out of the 14 songs on the album, the song that stood out to me was “First Times.” This song follows the many firsts of a relationship, and unlike some of the other tracks on this album, this song is very melodic. With only a simple guitar in the background, “First Times” accentuates Sheeran’s emotional voice.

Contrary to “First Times,” “Overpass Graffiti” has an upbeat, pop tune, and the lyrics are just lovely. In it, Sheeran says that “we will never fade like graffiti on the overpass,” and I think that is beautiful. Unlike the sorrow “First Times” gave me, “Overpass Graffiti’s” head-bopping noise lifted me back up.

A few of my other favorites are “The Joker and The Queen” and “Stop The Rain.” “Stop The Rain” has a determined and vengeful sound, which creates a feeling of empowerment. “The Joker and The Queen,” on the other hand is one of the slowest songs on the album with a melodic piano. The reason I really like this song though is because of the metaphor between the cards and the love between people. For me, the lyrics really made this song and the album in whole.

While “=” doesn’t have the same sound as Sheeran’s older albums, he is not the same person, and I think that this album shows that. He has matured as an individual, no longer singing about drinking and drugs, but now about the affects of his family. It is refreshing to hear about all of these changes, good or bad. Having listened to his albums since I was young, I feel like I am changing as Sheeran’s music is too, and that creates a minute source of comfort for me. So, whether or not Ed Sheeran is your favorite, you will be able to find a song you like in “=”.