Photo Gallery: Reading Rodeo

Library celebrates National Library Month with Reading Rodeo and petting zoo

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  • A goat rubs against the fencing while chewing on straw. This is the second time Ewe Pet Petting Zoo and Pony Rides has come to Hebron.

    Photo by Aparnna Manoj

  • Sophomore Grace Galvan pets a sheep that came and grabbed her lunch box. “I think it’s a pretty good idea just as long as the animals are comfortable with it,” Galvan said. “Other than promoting the library, it promotes the wildlife care so people get to know animals they don’t really get along with.”

  • Senior Divya Viswanathan pets a goat at the Reading Rodeo during lunch.

  • An employee from the farm helps take care of the goats in the pens. She carries a sleeping baby goat while talking to a student.

  • A goat cuddles against a sheep in the goat pen.

  • A goat looks into the library during the Reading Rodeo. The Library held the petting zoo to celebrate National Library Month and to promote reading.

  • The baby goat stands in the corner of the pen watching the students come to the Reading Rodeo.

  • Sophomore Jenny Truong pets a Zebu cow.

  • Baby pigs and rabbits were kept in the same pen with a few ducks.

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The library concluded its Reading Rodeo week with a petting zoo during lunch on April 12. The event featured llamas, chickens, goats and other animals from Ewe Pet Petting Zoo and Pony Rides.

“What I was hoping to accomplish overall [was] a celebration for national library month,” librarian Liz Harrison said. “People may not remember the petting zoo, they may not remember me and they may not remember what they read in high school, but if they walk away with a memory that a library is a fun place where exciting things happen [and] making memories, that’s the thing I like the best.”

Due to the popularity of the petting zoo in 2017, Ewe Petting Zoo owner Paige Guardiola was invited back for this year.

“There was such a turnout [last time] that we were like ‘all right this time we are going to set it up a little differently and we’ll be ready for the crowd and just go with it,’” Guardiola said. “It’s always a lot of fun to share them. Kids just don’t have animals at home anymore. We get to go see kids [at] first birthday parties all the way up to people in nursing homes. Every time we take [the animals] out, we get to hear stories of when they were little or what animals they’ve had. Everyone’s got an experience in their life with an animal.”

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