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Avoid the flu, try something new

Avoid the flu, try something new

Chae Park and Shivani Bhatnagar January 31, 2014

Honey and lemon are frequently found in cold and flu medicines because of their ability to loosen congestion and prevent dehydration. Lemons are also known to help detoxify the body of impurities. Bring...

Becky G EP review

Becky G EP review

Caryn Corliss, Staff Writer January 31, 2014

Upon first hearing Becky G at the Pulse dance convention in October, I was impressed. I was in a concert, like environment; mega screens, mega speakers, mega stage in the front, professional dancers, choreographers...

Lone Survivor brings the war movie genre home

“Lone Survivor” brings the war movie genre home

Matthew Rutherford, Sports Editor January 30, 2014

The man who created one of the worst movies of all time silenced critics by creating one of the best movies this year. Peter Berg’s “Lone Survivor” is inspiring, empathetic and jaw-dropping, all...

Staff Oscar predictions

Staff Oscar predictions

Sam Boyd, Sports Editor January 28, 2014

With the recent Oscar announcements, the staff decided to make its picks for who should win in each of the six main categories. Here are the staff picks: Her –A very emotional and deeply relatable...

Her leaves a mark on the concept of love

“Her” leaves a mark on the concept of love

Sam Boyd, Sports Editor January 27, 2014

In Spike Jonze’s latest film, the audience is subject to the depressing life of Theodore Twombly, a recently divorced writer who falls in love with his new operating system that is the accumulation of...

Colorless film adds new light to cinema

Colorless film adds new light to cinema

Sam Boyd, Sports Editor January 24, 2014

“Nebraska,” the ode to small-town life, is the latest masterpiece from director Alexander Payne. The film follows an older alcoholic man (played by Bruce Dern) who makes his way to Nebraska from Montana...

A PC game thats actually scary

A PC game that’s actually scary

Sam Boyd, Sports Editor November 1, 2013

Shock and fear. If I had to choose two words to describe “Outlast” (Red Barrels Games), those would be it. From the second I pressed start, I realized that this dark and drab game is nothing to mess...

Cafe Brazil is located at Josey Lane and President George Bush Turnpike. They serve a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner foods.

Bite Sized: Cafe Brazil

Madeline Cannon, Entertainment Editor October 28, 2013

Located at President George Bush Toll Road and Josey Lane, Café Brazil offers a diner feel with fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. You can’t miss the brightly colored décor and welcoming street...

Anime Review: Attack on Titan

Anime Review: Attack on Titan

Ridah Syed, Staff Writer October 23, 2013

To the general public, “anime” is thought of as cartoons with a reckless hero archetype, fighting to save the world and girls drawn with extraordinary features. While most mainstream animes have predictable...


On the Record: Tunes to help you sleep

Sanobar Chagani, Staff Writer October 16, 2013

During nights when your mind won't settle down to let you sleep, you often toss and turn and count sheep. Luckily, music is a great alternative for soothing a busy brain. Here's a playlist of calming songs...

The Walking Dead to The Walking Dud?

The Walking Dead to The Walking Dud?

Sam Boyd October 12, 2013

The Walking Dead is at times scary, funny, and entertaining. And that is to say that I love the show. Yes, some people say that they focus too much on dialogue and ignore what got them famous in the first...


On the Record: Tunes to wake you up

David Chambers, Staff Writer September 13, 2013

Golden Reverie – {{{Sunset}}} This purely instrumental song is a little more tranquil than most of the songs on this list, and justly so. Some mornings are a day to watch the sun rise, walk through...