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“Enola Holmes” highlights ideas of social equality

“Enola Holmes” highlights ideas of social equality

Arisha Hirji, Reporter September 30, 2020

The newest Netflix Original movie “Enola Holmes” was released Sept. 23, becoming one of the top ten movies on Netflix. This movie is similar to the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes, but introduces...

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Disney’s newest movie “Mulan” fails to deliver a good story

Arisha Hirji, Reporter September 11, 2020

The live-action remake of Disney’s ”Mulan” came out Sept. 4 on Disney+ Premier Access, and failed to meet the audiences expectations.  The movie takes the audience through the classic story of...

Swift’s “folklore” is mystical and eerie

Swift’s “folklore” is mystical and eerie

Kate Knauff, Reporter July 29, 2020

Taylor Swift surprised fans on Thursday morning when she announced the release of a new album, “folklore,” at midnight, along with a new music video. The album came out with little warning, includes...

Jordan airs it out

Jordan airs it out

Henry Hays, Reporter May 22, 2020

After being released early due to intense pressure from fans and celebrities, the ten-part documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls final championship run has finally ended. The documentary...

Layne’s vs. Cane’s

Layne’s vs. Cane’s

Kate Knauff, Reporter May 19, 2020

Ever since Layne’s opened a restaurant in Lewisville, I have heard different opinions from my friends in the Layne’s vs.Cane’s debate, so I had to put it to the test. THEIR STORY:     I...

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Retro Review

Malley O'Carroll, Reporter May 14, 2020

I have found myself with a lot of spare time during quarantine, and I have been using it to watch a lot of movies. After watching too many cheesy Netflix original movies, I knew I needed to switch things...

Scene from the first of many Rocky movies. Rocky remains one of the best fighting movies of all time.

My Top Five Sports Movies

Mitchell Mayhaw, Reporter May 14, 2020

There are a plethora of well made and amazing sports movies that exist in this world, and I’m sure there will be even more to come. Due to not being able to watch any actual sports, here’s my top five...

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The True History of the Kelly Gang: A brutal retelling of the life of an outlaw

Mia Nguyen, Reporter April 30, 2020

“Nothing you’re about to see is true:” an ironic introduction to a highly romanticized film about Australian outlaw, Ned Kelly (George Mackay). This rendition of the criminal’s life was released...

Reading is an easy way to relax and escape during social distancing. Some of my favorite books I've reading during quarantine are Pirate Latitudes, The Ruins and Dragon Teeth.

My Experience with Quarantine

Mitchell Mayhaw, Reporter April 29, 2020

I’m not going to lie: quarantine is a drag. But, I’m going to list off everything I have done so far to lower my boredom levels. For this list I’m going to name and explain all the things I have...

Virtually a different draft

Virtually a different draft

Henry Hays, Reporter April 27, 2020

This year's NFL Draft, the highlight of the NFL off-season, was virtual for the first time ever. Covid-19 forced the draft, originally supposed to take place in Las Vegas, to be held as if it were a Zoom...

One world: Together at home live fundraising concert

One world: Together at home live fundraising concert

Arisha Hirji, Reporter April 23, 2020

Lady Gaga partnered with Global Citizen and World Health Organization to organize a live-streamed concert on April 18 to raise awareness for medical workers who are putting their lives at risk while fighting...

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