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Lulay practicing on the piano. Along with playing the piano, Lulay has been playing the guitar for more than eight years.

Mi(hearing) the beat

Yusra Waris, Editor-in-Chief May 9, 2017

His music studio is filled with chaos from the multiple instruments playing over each other; the sounds of the keyboard clashed with the strums of the guitar while the vocals strained to match them. Two...

Sophomore Lynn Joustra sits at her desk sketching characters from her comic. Joustra, who likes to draw out her problems, enjoys having time to herself to evaluate situations.

Drawing through difficulty

Shalu Kattuvelil, Feature Editor May 2, 2017

When sophomore Lynn Joustra was a child, she spent the majority of her time watching anime and cartoons. Seeking inspiration from what she saw on TV and trying to deal with difficult times in her life,...

Connor poses for her senior pictures in front of the Patt Neff building at Baylor.

Hidden Gem

Shreya Rao, Managing Editor April 28, 2017

After five months of waiting, college senior Jade Connor accepted reality. She was not going to be a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship, an international scholarship where students can study abroad....

Duck Duck Quail

Duck Duck Quail

Christi Hamilton, Reporter April 24, 2017

After watching the incubator for three weeks, AP Biology students became the overjoyed parents to 13 ducklings. In a matter of days, the students of AP Environmental Science will also become ‘bird parents’...

Madison Scott poses for a picture in her room.

Disabled But Determined

Sydney Gray, Opinion/Entertainment Editor April 6, 2017

Sophomore Madison Scott wakes up everyday and struggles to get out of bed. It’s not because she’s a typical, sleep-deprived high school student, but because she cannot get up on her own. She waits...

Junior Maren Stavne is an exchange student from Norway

Cultural exchange

Yasmin Haq, Editor-in-Chief April 3, 2017

Junior Maren Stavne likes to hang out with friends, find the best food and read a good book. Despite that, she isn’t exactly a normal American teen; in fact, she’s not American. She’s an exchange...

Hebron Celebrates National Women’s History Month

Hebron Celebrates National Women’s History Month

Anusha Mirza, Reporter April 1, 2017

In 1987, Congress declared March to be National Women's History Month. This holiday honors women that have made an impact in American history. Students and staff at school share their opinion on this national...

Kang practices a new piece assigned by Cautivar. Kang has been playing the violin for more than seven years and has been a part of an orchestra for more than three.

Baby steps, big achievements

Yusra Waris, Editor-in-Chief February 7, 2017

Fifth grader Grace Kang walked into the Killian orchestra room, in hopes of making it into the top orchestra possible in the middle school. Now, as a freshman, Kang looks back at her achievements as she...

Cammarota stands next to Real Housewife of Dallas star Brandi Redmond. Cammarota met Redmond at Whataburger.

Babysitting for Brandi

Tatiana Calzado, Opinion Editor January 25, 2017

As junior Alex Cammarota and her friend were waiting in line at Whataburger, they spotted a local celebrity: Brandi Redmond from “The Real Housewives of Dallas”. Cammarota never expected that meeting...

Junior Jaren Mitchell stiff arms a Panther player.

Catching an accomplishment

Shreya Rao, Managing Editor November 18, 2016

The notification popped up on his phone, one that he wasn’t expecting. Junior Jaren Mitchell pulled the tweet up and his eyes widened; it claimed he was ranked the state’s 50th best wide receiver in...

Bailey blends ingredients together before pouring the mixture into molds.

Sudsational success

Syeda Rizvi, Entertainment Editor November 15, 2016

Balancing school, work, extracurriculars and a business all at once doesn’t sound easy, but senior Bailey Anderson makes it work. Anderson owns and operates a cosmetics business through which he sells...

Captain Cacy (left) and Commander Williams (right). Commander Williams poses with his old uniform.

ROTC veterans look back

Syeda Rizvi, Entertainment Editor November 11, 2016

Commander Jeff Williams Q: Which branch of the military were you a part of and for how long?  A:  I was a Navy commander and I flew the P-3 Orion. I was in the P-3 Orion community for 22 years. Q:...