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Dr. Kevin Rogers shaking the hand of an LISD graduate. Photo via LISD

Leaving a super-intendent legacy

Henry Pham, Reporter January 28, 2022

Every year, he’s planted on the stage of the North Texas Coliseum with his hand ready to shake one of the thousands of students who have completed their 13-year journey through the Lewisville ISD education...

Junior Audrey Shin holds Little during practice on Jan. 24. Shin plays Paulette, the nail technician who Elle befriends, and will perform Jan. 27-30

A paws-itive performance

Krista Fleming, Reporter January 25, 2022

The show is over. Clapping fills the air as actors run onto the stage, music playing overhead. Then, in the midst of it all, out prances the canine stars of the show, Colby and Little.   “Legally...

AVID teacher Dakota Moncrief and his son, Mason, sit inside one of  Moncrief’s cars. Moncrief hopes his love for all things mechanical will be passed down to his son.

Cars for college

Madeline Rivera, Reporter January 20, 2022

Feet placed firmly on the wood blocks that had been sloppily tied onto the pedals, nine-year old Dakota Moncrief drove a car for the first time. With yells of encouragement from his grandfather, Dakota...

Junior twins, Aaliya and Asta Lalani, talk into the microphone.

Chatting about cancer

Hyunsol Lim, Reporter December 17, 2021

Junior twin sisters, Asta and Aaliya Lalani, decided to pursue a small project in sixth grade, but little did they know that their project would soon turn into a podcast with over 35,000 interactions.  It...

Sample and her teammates celebrate after scoring a point.

All-American athlete

Ian Wright, Opinion editor December 17, 2021

As the whistle blows, a volleyball is tossed in the air and served across the net. The ball is hit into the air by the libero, and senior Harmony Sample springs up and sets the ball to be spiked — a...

Junior Lauren Bond places medals around the necks of those walking in the “Hope Walk 2021.” As Mrs. DFW’s Outstanding Teen, Lauren makes appearances at events around North Texas including events in accordance with The Special Olympics and other charity organizations.

The name’s Bond. Lauren Bond.

Emma Short, Entertainment editor November 18, 2021

A gasp escaped her mouth. She didn’t even mean to let out a sound; it just happened. As everyone’s eyes turned to her and began applauding, she realized what had happened. The crown being placed on...

Senior Brady Vaughn won Homecoming king on Oct. 22. He looks to the crowd as his sister stands to his side and supports him.

Being Brady Vaughn

Hyunsol Lim, Reporter November 18, 2021

“Brady, Brady, Brady.” The crowd chants as senior football player Brady Vaughn raises his arms up and down to get the crowd excited during Friday pep rallies. As Brady smiles at the crowd and jumps...

Sophomore Ella Underwood holds a phone with Autumm Davis’s Instagram account pulled up. In just the span of three years, Ella has found five new family members. “Having a new family is overwhelming, but I am thankful for having them in my life,” Ella said.

The missing piece

Christy Thomas, Reporter November 18, 2021

Ella sits in her bedroom, idly scrolling through Instagram and sees a message from a female stranger who liked her outfit. Ella texts back to say thank you, but soon, their conversation turns more personal....

Coach Brian Brazil meets with the team after beating Plano West on Oct. 29.
The final score of the game was 47-35.

Building a legacy

Malley O'Carroll, Social media manager November 17, 2021

Some of his first memories take place in the front yard, throwing a football. He eventually joined a football team in 5th grade and then went on to play for Texas Christian University. Now, he helps young...

ESL aide Naseem Hirji was diagnosed with breast cancer in August, and has been receiving treatment since.

Tackling cancer

Ian Wright, Opinion editor November 5, 2021

When ESL aide Naseem Hirji visited the doctor for a regular checkup before her long-awaited summer vacation to South Africa, she had no idea her life would be turned upside down — again. Ten years ago,...

Senior Andrew George poses outside holding and wearing his handcrafted rings. George’s Instagram account for his business, @carboncrafted.acg, has photos of his rings that people can look at prior to placing an order.

Crafting carbon fiber rings

Andie San Luis, Editor-in-chief November 4, 2021

Thinner than a piece of human hair when twisted, five times stronger than steel and used for automobiles and aircrafts — that is carbon fiber. For senior Andrew George, carbon fiber is his business.  On...

Math teacher, Amanda Bower, revises trigonometry with her third period geometry class. Bower said that her favorite aspect about this campus is that all her students have shown a sweet concern toward her and are always asking her how her day has been and if she’s OK.

New horizons for new teachers

Ashna Haiderali, Reporter November 1, 2021

It was the first day of school. The adrenaline from the students spread across the halls.  Students rushed to class with new schedules in hand, eager to meet their new set of teachers. They entered the...