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Coach Chance Edwards poses in front of the track at the Hawk Stadium.

Running as head coach

Daniela Perez, Reporter September 20, 2022

The early morning sunshine illuminates the track as students run their laps. Guiding them is a coach who, although he finds himself at a new place, has the same mission to continue his passion. Edwards...

Color guard director Chris Josey directs practice on Sept. 1. During the fall semester, the guard works with the band, and during the spring semester, they separate for winter guard season.

Spinning to success

Shehzil Imran, Social media manager September 16, 2022

Teaching students to use their learned skills of dancing and spinning equipment on the football field and in contests is what color guard director Chris Josey does on a daily basis.  Josey joined the...

Chemistry teacher Gale Hunt laughs with her students before they take a quiz during second period on Sept. 25.

50 years of [Hunt]ing success

Olivia Evans, Reporter September 16, 2022

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.” Chemistry teacher Gale Hunt’s mother sang her this rhyme when she was a child. A tune that stuck heavy in her heart. Decades later,...

Pixels, paychecks and passion

Pixels, paychecks and passion

Avery Dyer, Reporter September 15, 2022

The hours pass quickly as senior Jack Rossi edits a video for the varsity football team. Despite a full schedule, Rossi finds time to do it all. Turning a hobby into a source of income with a company he...

Orchestra director Helen Chang plays a section of measures of “Don’t Stop Believin” to her second period orchestra class on Sept. 8. She demonstrated how to play the section in third position to the violin section.

Stringing into a new school

Hannah Mathew, Reporter September 14, 2022

Stepping onto a stage in the large hall, Helen Chang raises an arm to signal the orchestra to begin playing at the Meyerson. Silence breaks as tens of bows begin moving against strings to create a beautiful...

ERROR: Language undetected

ERROR: Language undetected

Nyla Smith, Reporter September 13, 2022

When moving to a new area, one naturally would feel nervous and out of place. There are already a lot of things stacked up against them. Everyone already has their own friend groups and hang out spots...

Defensive coordinator Quincy Stewart watches a play at the first home game of the season Sept. 2. This is his first year at Hebron.

Tackling a transition

Rahma Shaikh, Reporter September 9, 2022

A young boy throws himself around, tossing a football in the air and tackling himself. His father watches as the boy chases the ball: his determination and passion written all over his face. This year,...

Steven Solis-Welch directs the band during the halftime show at the football game Sep. 2. Solis-Welch had a marching spot last year as a freshman, but had to give that up to direct.

From learner to leader

Peyton Kuschmeider, Reporter September 8, 2022

The trumpets blare and the drums boom; the brass instruments reflect the stadium lights as the band marches across the field in neat rows. Color guard’s flags twirl in the background, making graceful...

A new year brings new teachers

A new year brings new teachers

Krista Fleming, Entertainment editor September 6, 2022

After a few years filled with COVID-19 restrictions in the teaching industry, teaching jobs across the country need to be filled. Here’s a look at some new extracurricular related staff members who joined...

Falling into new experiences

Falling into new experiences

Shehzil Imran, Social media manager May 26, 2022

Ballet, tap and jazz are a few of the dance styles senior Michelle Waida tried before beginning her journey with aerial dancing earlier this year.   Now, Waida practices this new form of dance with her...

The Hebron 9th Grade Campus

Q&A: The freshman experience

Faith Rizzo, Reporter May 25, 2022

Everyone’s experience of their first year of high school is different. Whatever the case may be, everyone’s experience is unique. Recently, “The Hawk Eye” asked some freshmen what their year was...

Band director Andy Sealy conducts his first period class for their final practice before the spring concert. This was the bands final performance of the year.

Spectacular Sealy

Nyla Smith, Reporter May 24, 2022

Another trophy to add to the wall. Band director Andy Sealy was named the LISD Secondary Teacher of the Year on April 22. Now he is moving onto the state level, and he will be submitting his forms and...