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The people behind Pride

A flag waves to celebrate Gay Pride weekend. Gay Pride took place on Sept. 15 and 16.

Sydney Gray, Opinion and Entertainment Editor

October 10, 2018

Walking down the streets of Dallas on Pride Weekend is no average stroll. Rainbows flood the streets, pride flags cover the sky and attendees in elaborate costumes and attire fill the gaps between buildings. However, despite all that catches your eyes during Pride Weekend, for senior Hafsa Hanafi, the mo...

Five, Six, Seven, Nate

Sophomore Nathan Drew cheers at the pep rally held on October 5th. The cheerleading team attends many school events to bring spirit and excitement to football games and more. “I cheer at all the JV games: football, volleyball, basketball, all of those,” he said. “We do pep rallies too, and if the school has a fundraiser event, we’re there.”

Kate Haas, Reporter

October 9, 2018

Back handsprings, cartwheels, walkovers: tumbling is a physically and mentally challenging sport. It can take years to learn each movement and even more to link them together. Sophomore Nathan Drew has been honing this skill since he was in third grade, and has now brought his talents to the Hebron cheer...

Musical Madness

Senior Addie Thrower performs in the play Godspell in the role Peggy and Joanne.

Sydney Shinkle, Reporter

October 8, 2018

It began with a simple advertisement listed in the Dallas Observatory. Listed under the entertainment section was a children’s production of “The Sound of Music.” After going to the theater to see the musical with her sister and father, then first-grader, Addie Thrower was determined to make the spot...

Teacher Tea – Ms. Perkins

English teacher Nicole Perkins reads at her desk before school hours. Despite living a self-appointed ‘crazy, but in a sad way’ life, Perkins consistently has a smile on her face and a witty remark on her tongue during her class periods. “At the end of the day, we’re all learning, and sometimes that’s all you can ask for,” Perkins said.

Kate Haas, Reporter

September 19, 2018

Teacher Tea is a new series that, in an attempt to humanize teachers, allows them to share personal stories about their life, their past and other moments that shaped them into the person and teacher they are today. Every few weeks, The Hawk Eye will feature a new teacher.   The American Dream...

English 4 teacher awarded LEF grant

English 4 teacher Jeanny Haneline receives her LEF grant from the Hebron administration.

Harper Lee, Reporter

September 18, 2018

Last year, Jeanny Haneline applied for an Lewisville ISD Education Foundation (LEF) grant in order to help her English class for a future project, and recently found out she won a $1,305 to use for her project. “In order to let my kids read some different types of books, I decided to apply for...

Earning the Stripes

Senior Imran Abdul poses with medals he has earned throughout years of Taekwondo. Abdul was qualified as an International D-1 referee in 2015.

Aparnna Manoj, Managing Editor

September 13, 2018

“Honor, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, courage, community strength, humility, and knowledge.” These are the ten amendments or tenets Taekwondo students recite after bowing in. The amendments remind students of their obligations to the martial arts, fellow classmates, teachers and...

Finding her Rhythm

Sophomore Michelle Arriaga conducts during an afternoon band rehearsal. She arrives early and stays late for every practice to help out and to be there people. “I definitely have to dedicate a lot more time to the band program now,” Arriaga said.

Kate Haas, Reporter

September 12, 2018

With her heart pounding in her chest, sophomore Michelle Arriaga climbs onto the gleaming podium to conduct her first halftime show. Exposed and elevated before the entire stadium, Arriaga feels the excitement of a live performance rush through her. Looking out across the entire band and knowing tha...

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds

Yusra Waris, Mrunmayi Sathaye, and Yasmin Haq

June 8, 2018

Foreign lands beckon countless families and individuals to leave behind a world they are familiar with for the unknown. Internal tensions, economic opportunities and education are just a small portion of concerns that run through a family’s or individual’s mind when they make the decision to leave their homelan...

This is not me

This is not me

Shreya Rao, Managing Editor

June 1, 2018

It wasn’t laziness, being unmotivated or careless. It was a real problem. Anytime Gerrod Cleburn read a passage or flashcards he instantly forgot it. Any attempt he made at getting through his primary or secondary education seemed fruitless. Gerrod’s condition was first observed in the 4th...

Between Two Worlds: Kemi

Between Two Worlds: Kemi

Yusra Waris, Editor-in-Chief

May 27, 2018

With 16 other family members living under the same roof, junior Oluwakemi Ajetunmobi never felt a dull moment while in her hometown Lagos, Nigeria. After moving to the United States in 2014 for job opportunities, Ajetunmobi’s family shrank to a quarter of the size it was back at home: it was jus...

Between Two Worlds: Jingyi

Between Two Worlds: Jingyi

Mrunmayi Sathaye, Reporter

May 27, 2018

Stepping out of the terminal from her 13-hour flight, the first thing sophomore Jingyi Dai noticed was the air. Having landed in America, Dai was a long way from her home back in Hangzhou, China, where the air was heavily contaminated with pollutants. Dai migrated to the United States about two ...

Between Two Worlds: Luis

Between Two Worlds:  Luis

Yusra Waris, Editor-In-Chief

May 27, 2018

In his hometown of Luquillo, Puerto Rico, junior Luis Astacio was almost always at the beach: whether on the weekend with his family competing to make the best sand castles, or during the school week for lunch. However, in 2015, Astacio had to say goodbye to his beach lifestyle when his father foun...