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STEM aspirations

STEM aspirations

Ian Wright, Opinion editor November 8, 2020

Nov. 8 was National STEM Day, a day for encouraging students’ interests in the diverse fields of science, technology, engineering and math. “The Hawk Eye” takes a look at four students who are interested...

Senior Bronwyn Khangsar skates across the ice during a hockey game. She is one of the team captains and plays defense for the Dallas Stars Elite Girls hockey team. “[It’s difficult] constantly being motivated to improve,” Khangsar said. “There’s so many ways to get better and be the best that you can be.”

Skating through senior year

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor November 2, 2020

Music and cheers blast from the locker room after the unexpected victory. Their unranked team was not predicted to keep up with the top ten competition on the ice, let alone achieve a 4-0 score. The whole...

Senior Weston Conaway, with his right thumb wrapped, takes off his helmet on the sidelines, during a game against Plano West on Oct. 23. After a game-time decision on whether or not Conaway would play, Conaway was able to play one drive in this game, but has yet to play a whole game.

A Waiting Game

Henry Hays, Sports Editor October 30, 2020

It was a normal practice for senior Weston Conaway, working on team drills to prepare for the upcoming season. He was working on a simple screen pass when, as he released the ball, he realized something...

Two of a kind

Two of a kind

Ian Wright, Opinion editor October 23, 2020

They often say twins do things in pairs, yet juniors Connor and Casey Ivanoff could not have taken a more different path this year while deciding between online and in-person schooling. Connor and...

Koch works with the battery during after school rehearsal on Oct. 9. Oftentimes, the battery rehearses separately from the band, joining for more holistic practice. “He makes us fix our own stuff so that we can only get broad comments from the [press] box,” Senior percussionist Ike Bowen said. “He likes to mess around and be goofy and get along with his students until it’s time to play. Then, he’s very matter-of-fact and gets it done.”

The beat of a new drum

Andie San Luis, Editor-in-chief October 21, 2020

Many people have experienced monumental milestones during the COVID-19 pandemic: births, marriages, retirement, birthdays, to name a few. For assistant percussion director Ben Koch, it was graduating college...

Senior Cinta Isom works on her art behind a plexiglass desk shield. She is on the Virtual Plus learning pathway and only attends school for second period.

Sick art

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor October 21, 2020

This time last year, art students meandered near the sink to wash vivid colors off their brushes. They gathered at each other's desks to give advice on how to elevate their work. This year, plexiglass...

Khan talks on the phone, answering questions from a parent. Khan spends a sizable portion of her day responding to questions from parents and faculty.

[Khan]quering COVID

Ian Wright, Opinion editor October 20, 2020

Arriving on campus early, Cissy Khan begins sanitizing the clinic and preparing for the hectic day ahead. In the past, her schedule mainly revolved around treating students with minor illnesses — that...

Senior Kasia Drewniak poses with awards she has received during her time in debate. Drewniak started debate her freshman year. “I have a Polish mom and she was looking at stuff that would look good on my college applications when I was in eighth grade,” Drewniak said. “She [said] ‘Kasia, you talk way too much, you should join debate.’ So that’s what I did. And then I grew to love it a lot, which is crazy because I wasn’t even going to do it if it wasn’t for that.”

Debate team president with dyslexia earns Jonathan Brody Award

Katherine Parker, Managing editor October 15, 2020

People always told senior Kasia Drewniak to play a sport. Like many young students with dyslexia, she was told that her best shot at college entry was through athletics. In her senior year, Drewniak is...

Junior Harmony Sample practices passing to her teammate at practice on Oct. 7. Sample has been playing volleyball since she was 11. “I was originally a dancer, but my sister was a volleyball player so I was always at her tournaments,” Sample said. “When I decided to stop dancing, I decided to play volleyball.”

A new beginning

Arisha Hirji, Web editor October 14, 2020

Junior Harmony Sample patiently waits in the car to arrive at her destination. Her eyes light up when she sees the campus of the University of Notre Dame. She walks around the grounds with a feeling of...

Sophomore Camila Segura shows off the Venezuela bracelet her grandma gave her. Segura wears her Venezuela bracelet every day to remind her of her country.

Q&A: Hispanic students speak on embracing their heritage

Katherine Parker, Managing editor October 14, 2020

Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 is nationally celebrated as Hispanic Heritage month. In a school as diverse as Hebron, students of Hispanic heritage are well-represented. Even with shared heritage, these students vary...

Art Teacher Caleb Jacks assists a student in his Art 3 Painting Class. This is Jacks’ first year teaching a medium-specific class, which he says he prefers over teaching a broad art class. “Knowing specific content like Drawing 2, Painting 2, 3 and 4; I love those,” Jacks said. “For seven years at Killian, it was tough to teach sculpture and ceramics when I didn’t have the passion behind it.”

Jack of all trades

Emma Short, Entertainment editor October 13, 2020

As school doors open for the first time in six months, art teacher Caleb Jacks watches students flood the halls. He sees some familiar faces and thinks back to working at a middle school, when these now...

Senior Hailey Lane follows along with Pre-calculus teacher Matthew Garza as he explains a problem on the whiteboard. Lane, who is moving from in-person to virtual plus, said she is dedicated to Silver Wings and will continue to come in for practice, but is switching her other classes online to reduce contact with others. “[I won’t be going fully online] because of drill team,” Lane said. “I wouldnt want to miss that or have to quit, so I wouldn’t want to go completely online.” Lane said.

On the Virtual-Plus side

Malley O'Carroll, Social media manager October 9, 2020

When the new nine weeks begins on Oct. 19, 313 students will begin a new learning pathway two of them being,  junior Jaden Jares and senior Hailey Lane who are changing their schedules to accommodate...