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Allison Harrisons son took a hydration break after the race as he waited for his mom to finish.  Photo By: Olivia Bragg

Photo Gallery: Rotary fest

Olivia Bragg October 9, 2014

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Photo Gallery: Homecoming Parade 2014-2015

Photo Gallery: Homecoming Parade 2014-2015

Danish Asif September 22, 2014

Cue the drum roll. With people cheering on either side, the Homecoming Parade is set to begin with ROTC on the front lines, followed by Hebron's Marching Band. The festivities are underway, as the crowd...

The Harper family flash their custom Potjie shirts, designed and ordered by Jessica.

Photo Gallery: Potjie festival

Olivia Bragg September 8, 2014

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Students wait for library aids to check out their new books

“Book Paradise” spices up library for incoming books

Olivia Bragg, Staff Writer March 19, 2014

Bubbles cascade down from the top of the entryway. Eyes light up, taking in flowers, floating mechanical sharks and festive Hawaiian hats poking through the wooden cut-outs. The library is open. Head...

Antique handmade and hand painted figurines

Photo Gallery: Fashion and Flea

Megan Oosthuizen, Editor-in-Chief February 13, 2014

  Fashion and Flea, a travelling marketplace presented by Vintage Promotions, LLC, was hosted at the Grapevine Convention Center on Jan. 31. Here, vintage and antique vendors like ReVint Boutique,...

iFLY instructor demonstrates an upside-down flying position

Photo Gallery: iFLY indoor skydiving center

Olivia Bragg, Feature editor January 29, 2014

The wind rushes up causing the clothes, faces and bodies of ordinary people to flap at 120 mph. Each customer who enters hangs suspended, attempting to spin or move up and down the 14 feet chamber. Human...

Homecoming parade gallery

Homecoming parade gallery

Sam Boyd, Sports Editor October 1, 2013

During the annual Plano Balloon Festival, hot air balloons like the one pictured are released.

Plano Balloon Festival

Christina Nguyen, News Editor September 22, 2013