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Point/Counterpoint: Should Christmas be celebrated in November?

Point/Counterpoint: Should Christmas be celebrated in November?

Kate Knauff and Henry Hays November 11, 2020

Henry Hays Against As I leave the house to buy some candy for those sweet Nov. 1 prices, I am greeted by a disgusting display of bright, multicolored, out of place, Christmas lights. While I have no...

Students walk on either side of the hallway to ensure less face to face contact with each other. The Hebron Administration put the one-way walking lanes in the hallways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the beginning of the in-school year

Opinion: LISD should use advisory for tutorials

Malley O'Carroll, Social media manager November 11, 2020

In previous years with the traditional block lunch schedule, I found myself in tutorials almost every day. I enjoyed getting extra time to work on assignments and receive help from my teachers, but in...

Junior Claire Clausen chose to do virtual school this year. She works on school work from her room Thursday night.

Virtual school offers benefits to students

Olivia Yager, Reporter November 7, 2020

After seeing the options for school this year, I decided to do virtual-plus so I could continue playing volleyball. Since then, I have experienced the benefits of doing school work at home. Of course,...

A Classic Pearl Milk Tea from Mac’s Boba Cafe.

Battle of the Bobas

Malley O'Carroll, Social media manager November 5, 2020

I would definitely consider myself a boba connoisseur, you can find me with my friends in the parking lot of a boba shop almost every weekend. I can't begin to explain the feeling tapioca pearls bring...

Safe movie theater alternatives

Safe movie theater alternatives

Katlynn Fox, Editor-In-Chief November 5, 2020

The pandemic has greatly affected the entertainment business, including the vast world of cinema and the movie-watching experience. For as long as I can remember, going to the movie theaters has been a...

A student is reading to younger children over a virtual call. Since volunteering opportunities are limited due to COVID-19, students are finding creative ways to help their community through programs like Reading Partners and Vogel Alcove, both of which validate service hours.

Distance volunteering activities to try

Katherine Parker, Managing editor November 5, 2020

With COVID-19 still sweeping the globe, volunteering is more needed than ever. Whether it is for college applications, resume-building or out of simple good will, many students may be lost when it comes...

Point/counterpoint: Candy corn

Point/counterpoint: Candy corn

Andie San Luis and Henry Hays October 27, 2020

Andie San Luis For candy corn Candy corn is the single best fall candy. Its presence in supermarkets indicates the season of sweaters, colorful leaves and spooky surprises. It’s a treat that can...

Junior Audri Fleming poses in her handmade mask. Fleming has made a variety of masks for her and her family including both sunflowers themed and Halloween themed.

Mask up

Kate Knauff, News editor October 27, 2020

Some of 2020’s most common phrases are probably “wear a mask” and “social distancing.” Not only do masks and social-distancing protect you, but they also help protect others who may have an underlying...

Career Dive: Makeup Artistry

Career Dive: Makeup Artistry

Christa Jophy, Reporter October 23, 2020

It was mid-July, and I was searching for inspiration. I was going to be a senior in less than two months, and I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. One day, I was scrolling...

Opinion: New Voices Texas fights censorship of student journalists

Opinion: New Voices Texas fights censorship of student journalists

Katlynn Fox, Editor-In-Chief October 23, 2020

People seek entertainment, information and news from the media daily. By holding up a code of ethics, publications have vowed to report factual and credible unbiased news. Under the First Amendment, these...

Opinion: Medical school isnt always worth your time

Opinion: Medical school isn’t always worth your time

Christa Jophy, Reporter October 21, 2020

I’ve heard it too many times now: “My parents want me to go to medical school.” This particular statement always triggers a red flag in my mind. It’s not that going to medical school isn’t a...

The Grandscape entrance, decorated for Halloween.

Escape to Grandscape

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor October 21, 2020

Where most of the student body is located, it’s common to have to drive to Legacy in Plano or The Star in Frisco in order to have a variety of shops, restaurants and activities. My longing for a fun...