Tips to Improve Your Learning Style

Sanobar Chagani, Staff Writer

Find your learning style using the what’s your learning style quiz, then use the tips below to improve your techniques.

Visual learners

  • Draw maps, charts and graphs to help stay organized
  • Create diagrams and outlines for key terms and ideas
  • Watch videos and use pictures to better comprehend lessons
  • Use or create graphics to study for tests

Auditory learners

  • Read notes and information out loud
  • Listen to music to help concentrate while studying
  • Record lectures during class
  • Make up songs to concentrate while studying

Physical learners

  • Use hands-on activities to learn information
  • Flashcards allow movement, so they can help with studying
  • Practice athletics and sports during breaks for concentration

Verbal learners

  • Read information out loud to others
  • Teach others. This can often help review information
  • Create videos of yourself lecturing
  • Make mnemonic devices to memorize terms

Logical learners

  • Write down facts and gather data about the subject that is being studied
  • Create lists and analyze the content using highlighters
  • Don’t just memorize things. Understanding reasons and concepts allows memorization
  • Over analyzing can lead to distraction. Focus on important and key aspects of facts