Busy Bee: Ways to save time in the morning


Graphic by Olivia Bragg

The alarm clock buzzes. Sleep has kept you past your desired wake-up time. You have 10 minutes to get ready for school.

Most would sprint to their brightly colored dresser and toss all their possible outfits onto the bed. After this, they would hurry downstairs to grab a glass of orange juice for breakfast and give their teeth a once-over with the toothbrush, only to speed along Plano Parkway to get to school before the final bell. This is not the way to start out your day. If time is against you or you want to catch some more Zs, a more time efficient morning plan is necessary.

My Morning Schedule
6:45-Wake up to 102.9 and get dressed
7:00-Go downstairs for breakfast (a bagel with cream cheese and orange juice)
7:15-Feed my dog and go back upstairs to brush my teeth and finish getting ready which includes putting on makeup and finishing my hair
7:30-Grab the car keys and get out the door to pick up my carpool buddy

Waking up

Most teenagers lay around in bed for a few minutes, maybe fall back asleep or put their alarm clock on snooze. Avoid the morning time grogginess and set your phone to play an energetic song to wake you up. After all, the lyrics from “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons do say “I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones.” Procrastinators, this is for you. To avoid the “What to wear?” fiasco, plan and set out your spectacular outfit the night before, down to the socks you will wear. If you want to save even more time, plan out your jewelry and hairstyle too. For quick hairstyles for short and long hair, visit, “The Every Girl.” Set out what is needed for your breakfast menu in advance, whether it be Frosted Flakes or a glass of milk. Organize makeup and brushes so that both are easily accessed and can be quickly applied. Also make sure that your car has enough gas to get to school.

Time Management

Planning what time to make the trek to the kitchen for breakfast can be helpful. By deciding to go to the kitchen for a bagel at 7 a.m. sharp and by keeping an eye on the clock, you spend the right balance of time getting ready and eating. Then, all that’s left is to brush those pearly whites and get out the door. Time management also includes being a good student. No matter how tempting it is to put off your homework to the next morning, complete it the night before. It may require focus and a later bedtime, but it will free up needed time in the morning.

Don’t Dawdle

Sitting down to check Twitter can suck you into the world of social media, where you may find yourself with three minutes left to get ready. Focus on getting out the door on time, then look at your phone on the bus or in the car.

Mornings don’t have to be a struggle. Cut down on unnecessary time waste, and use your time effectively to get out the door and into school before 8:15.