Don’t Get Us Started: September 2014

  • The new dress code. What is mid-thigh?
  • Classroom walls. Are they beige, are they grey? Are they trying to bring us down?
  • The student parking lot. Hebron traffic, also known as, the slow and agonizing death you never wanted.
  • Huge congregations of male students in the hallway. Not trying to be sexist, but your arguments about League of Legends isn’t helping us get to class.
  • “Energy vampires.” Try not to suck the life out of an already long day.
  • Students smoking E-cigs. No one looks cool smoking what looks to be a duck call.
  • Socks and Chacos. Even more annoying and unsightly than socks and sandals.
  • Creative homecoming proposals. Spread the cuteness.
  • Ranting. We get to raise our voice and feel better about it.
  • Teachers who give praise. We know we’re smart, but recognition is always nice.
  • England. We love America, but come on, European accents.
  • Making our essays sound fancier since 1995.
  • Bringing back old phrases. Come on home fries, these phrases are right on.
  • Dollar menus. Eating bad food and only paying a dollar never felt so good.