Don’t Get Us Started: November 2014


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  • Couples making out in the hallway. It’s the definition of “get-a-room”.
  • When people don’t know up-to-date terms. You should know what “bae” means by now.
  • Gross words. Pustule should not be part of the English language.
  • Pens. Erasing is a necessity.
  • Marcus. No reason needed.
  • Smart cars. It’s a death trap on wheels.
  • When people don’t flush the toilet. There are some things you can never unsee.

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  • Trucks. Who doesn’t love fitting a couch in their car?
  • Harry the Hawk. The pinnacle of school spirit and shamelessness.
  • Taco Bell. $1 churros never tasted so good.
  • LifeProof cases. Who doesn’t love underwater selfies?
  • Qdoba Tuesday. The only advantage over Chipotle.
  • Puppies. Nothing else is allowed to lick my face.
  • Sweet tea. If we ever got diabetes, it would be from sweet tea overdose.