Don’t Get Us Started: Holiday edition


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  • Christmas music: always starts a month too early
  • “Elf” and pretty much every other Christmas movie
  • Gathering with friends and family
  • Christmas Spirit: There’s always enough to go around
  • Dinner: Thanksgiving dinner, only more perfect
  • The smell of pine, food and all the festivities: Just puts a smile on your on your face
  • Mistletoe: Enough said
  • Warm hot chocolate on a cold night
  • Christmas lights: Illuminating the nights with pure beauty

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  • Black Friday chaos: The reason I stay home
  • The “anticipation” of Christmas
  • The use of “Xmas”
  • No snow: Thanks a lot, Texas
  • Getting clothes for Christmas (i.e. Grandma’s sweaters)
  • Having Christmas leftovers for the next week
  • Waiting in line behind screaming kids for pictures with Santa
  • Burning our tongue with hot chocolate