Shawn Mendes drops two new singles before upcoming third album


Provided by @CelebMix

After Shawn Mendes posted videos and pictures with the dates March 22 and March 23 on social media, fans knew he was coming out with new music. Mendes confirmed fans suspicions when he surprised them with two new singles “In My Blood” and “Lost in Japan.” Although Mendes has not announced an official release date for his third album, these singles introduce a more rock and R&B sound.

The first single, “In My Blood,” starts off with Mendes’s mellow voice. Although “In My Blood” starts off like his other popular songs, “Mercy” or “Hold On,” the rock influence soon comes into the song as Mendes reaches the chorus. I enjoyed hearing new a sound from Mendes that differs from his usual pop sound. As well as achieving a new sound, Mendes said “In My Blood” is based off his first experiences with anxiety. “In My Blood” demonstrates Mendes’ vulnerability and a new message to help fans with their own struggles, which is important for an artist to share with listeners through music.

While I enjoyed the soft, soothing sounds of “In My Blood,” “Lost in Japan” has an upbeat sound and R&B vibes that makes me want to listen to the song on repeat.  “Lost in Japan” is a song Mendes wrote after a dream where he found himself in Japan. “Lost in Japan” brings back Mendes’ typical pop sound with some new R&B influences, which surprised me. Although I am a fan of Mendes’ music, I felt like his two other albums sounded the same, so it was intriguing to hear a unique style come from his previous music.

Overall, I am pleased with the two new singles Mendes released. Both “In My Blood” and “Lost in Japan” continue to showcase Mendes’ melodious vocals. Mendes’ new music brings forward new rock and R&B influences not on his other albums. With a new spin on his two singles, I’m even more excited for the album to come out.