The “rare”-st album out there

Selena Gomez’s third album emphasizes on self-love

Photo provided by Interscope

Photo provided by Interscope

Selena Gomez’s third album, “Rare,” released on Jan. 10, touched on sensitive topics in Gomez’s personal life and all the challenges she has battled through. The album spreads a message about the importance of self-love and moving on to bigger and better things.

Gomez has struggled with a kidney transplant and Lupus over the last two years, causing internet speculation that brought down her self-esteem. She also dealt with breakups with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, which were depicted in songs in her last albums. She has continued to spend time working through her anxiety and depression. Her song, “Vulnerable,” showed her experience in rehab working through her problems, and it was inspiring to see how she grew as a person through her music. I can see now that she’s in a better place from hearing her songs. The album really showed how she finds strength in vulnerability.

My favorite song from the album is “People You Know,” because Gomez really opened up about her past relationships. This song talked about how harsh her breakups with Beiber and The Weekend were. She went from loving them to not even knowing who they were the next day. The song talked about how you may be close to a person, but later on, they can become someone you don’t even talk to anymore. I was able to see how Gomez learned from her past experiences into a new chapter of her life. It’s like she is shedding her skin and evolving into someone with a better sense of self-worth.

Not all of the album is meaningful and heavy, though. Some of it just shows that Gomez is allowing herself to have fun and enjoy life. She felt physically and mentally disturbed for years, so this is her time to breakthrough. Her song “Dance Again” showed how instead of having a negative mindset, she wants to enjoy herself. When Gomez sings, “feels so good to dance again,” she’s talking about how she is bravely living life to the fullest. It’s nice to see her move on and continue to thrive after her past difficulties.

I enjoyed so many things about this album. Everything flowed perfectly and fit together. I feel like Gomez’s singing was smooth, and the composition brought out how smooth and confident her voice is. Even though I was expecting the album to be deep, it was nice to hear a fun album about self-worth and enjoying yourself.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing Gomez explore a new style of music. The songs were beautifully written, and it really showed me I should also stop living in the past and move on. Each song brought a special meaning to me, and I not only love the songs, but I was able to learn valuable lessons about life as well.