Is this the end?

“On my block” season three brings an unexpected storyline


Photo via Netflix

Season three of “On my Block” was released March 11, currently becoming one of the top-ten most watched shows on Netflix. After a year of waiting, the gang is back and they are facing a new obstacle.

Season two picks up showing that Monse (Sierra Capri), Ruby (Jason Genao), Jamal (Brett Gray) and Cesar (Diego Tinoco) were kidnapped by the heir to the Santos gang, Cuchillos (Ada Luz Ola). In the previous seasons, Jamal discovered the rumors about the Roller World heist in the 80s and he made it his goal to find the hidden treasures of Roller World. Cuchillos knows the gang found the Roller World money, so she wants them to track down the mystery man, also known as Lil’ Ricky, who was behind the heist. So once again, the gang goes on a wild chase across Freeridge trying to find Lil’ Ricky as their lives are threatened.

Season three was different from past seasons, but I enjoyed it. I don’t think I have  everbinged a season as fast as this one. Cuchillos’ task puts everyone in a dangerous situation. Throughout the season, not only is everyone dealing with Cuchillos’ threats, but they experience problems within their inner circle that show that although they live a dangerous life, they’re still kids. Every episode of the season amazed me. I love how the directors continue to channel so much comedy through the characters, which makes all the crazy situations less intense.

My favorite thing about this season is how Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) and Oscar (Julio Macias) became intricate parts of the storyline. In previous seasons, they were both outcasts, so viewers didn’t see much of them, but this season I got to explore their background and see who they were. Oscar was always seen as the notorious leader of the Santos and depicted as a mean and scary person. Underneath all that strength, Oscar’s showed his vulnerability as he revealed that he never had a dad, but he had to be a dad to Cesar. It was devastating to see that he had to become a father without ever getting the chance to be a son because his dad left him. 

Jasmine helped make the show stronger as she became a new love interest for Ruby. She helped him let go of his past and move on to a better future. Jasmine also became the glue that held the group together as untold truths and fights ripped them apart. Everyone finds comfort and confidence in their friendship with Jasmine, which is nice to see after she was left out in previous seasons.

This season showed everyone’s bravery and courage. Monse, Jamal, Ruby and Cesar all left their homes to keep their families safe from Cuchillos, which showed just how much they’ve grown. The experiences the teens have been through, like Cesar joining the Santos and Jamal finding the Roller World money, have changed their lives for the better. They have learned to fight back and stand up for what they believe in. Since the beginning of the series, the characters have evolved into mature adults and through facing hardships, they have continued to stick together.

This season’s storyline is so powerful in the way that it shows people that regardless of what life you’ve been born into or what people expect of you, change can happen, and I think the characters have just started to experience that. Overall, the season was better than I expected it to be, and I hope that this isn’t the end of the story, but the beginning of something new.