Top 3 Just Dances to play while quarantined


photo by Henry Hays

With Covid-19 keeping everyone locked up in their houses, most people have more free time than ever. One fun way to pass the time or get a quick workout in is to play Just Dance. Classic Wii games series, Just Dance, has been around since the first Just Dance was released in 2009. Throughout the years, the games have evolved and added not only new songs and dances, but new features that keep the games fresh. However, some are better than others. 

The biggest factors that set these games apart are the song selection, dances and visual appeal. The songs must be fun to dance to and pleasant to the ear, regardless of genre. Variety of songs is also essential to create the best game. The same goes for the dances. Some dances should force you to break a sweat and some should be a relaxing break. While often forgotten about, the visuals of the game must be appealing and relevant. A simple, single-colored background does not suffice. Considering these factors, my top three Just Dance games go as follows:

3. Just Dance 3 (released in 2011)

Just Dance 3 is a classic from the series. For many, the nostalgia of the songs and dances boosts this game to the top. The game has a variety of songs from classics such as “Take On Me” by a-ha to “California Girls” by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. The dances are memorable and enjoyable, giving the user a fun experience. The game falls short in replay value with some songs and dances. While the classics can be enjoyed forever, some of the lesser known songs don’t provide an experience that warrants consistent plays in the future. However, Just Dance 3 is a staple from the series. 

2. Just Dance 2019

Just Dance 2019 is a new addition to the series and sets itself apart from the older versions. The addition of extreme or alternate versions of songs makes the game’s shelf life much longer. Nonetheless, the game does not stray far from its home and focuses on the things that make Just Dance games great. The variety and quality of the visuals are amazing and can be partly attributed to new technologies, but also to the developers. The dances and songs are enjoyable and various; however, some of the easier dances can seem a bit dull. While many of the songs are entertaining, the game does not have enough classic songs to truly make it the greatest Just Dance game. 

1. Just Dance 2014

Just Dance 2014 takes every aspect that makes a Just Dance game and excels at it. While the visuals aren’t as good as its 2019 counterpart, every song can be played many times and almost every dance is memorable. The game has a good balance of classic, nostalgic songs and current hits. There are a variety of difficulties and styles of dances and songs; some dances will leave your arms burning and some are simply a fun time. Even the easier dances never seem boring or repetitive. In the end, it is the track-list that puts this game at the top. A variety of genres are represented and all can be enjoyed, and at the end of the day that’s the main goal the creators should have with every Just Dance game.