Alexander 23’s new song sheds light on mental health


Photo via Rolling Stone

Producer, writer and performer Alexander 23 quickly became a rising artist after releasing his debut song, “Dirty AF1s.” His popularity continued to grow after the release of his first EP “I’m Sorry I Love You.” His new single, “Brainstorm” became available on Oct. 9.

The musician has toured with musicians such as Chelsea Cutler, Omar Apollo, Blackbear, Alec Benjamin, Lolo Zouai and Adam Melchor. I became familiar with Alexander 23 after seeing him headline for Alec Benjamin’s Outrunning Karma tour. His lyrics and unique beats, as well as his friendly personality off stage, has made me a longtime fan, and I was ecstatic to get the chance to ask him questions about his music and his creative process.

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“I fell in love with music when I was really young watching my dad play guitar,” Alexander 23 said. “Once I started playing myself, I knew it was something I wanted to do forever. Thinking about the moments that have helped my career, I think it’s been my ability to just trust myself and not listen to anyone else. That would be my biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to make it in the music industry: trust your instincts.”

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His new track “Brainstorm” arrived at a perfect time, the day before World Mental Health day. The melancholy lyrics and slower beats allow listeners to realize that it’s normal to not feel happy all the time. This song brings needed attention to mental health during times of hardship, and is much needed company for those who are feeling the burden of living through a global pandemic.

“For my music, I hope it helps people recognize that they aren’t alone in feeling a certain way,” Alexander 23 said. “Honestly, releasing music helps me feel that way when I see other people relating to my words. I want to use my social media platform to effect as much positive change as I can.”

After the release of his debut EP, he participated in a variety of projects such as being a part of the “13 Reasons Why” season three soundtrack, performing on James Corden’s “The Late Late Show” and collaborating with Selena Gomez. Besides “Brainstorm,” the musician said he currently has five songs that have yet to be released.

“I hope that my music can reach as many people as possible,” Alexander 23 said. “I think the biggest change [of having a growing fanbase] has been just understanding the impact my music can have globally. It’s really given me a lot of new confidence to trust my instincts and be confident in my message.”

Despite the occasional loneliness and negative headspace that these past few months have brought, “Brainstorm” has made the bad weather in my head clear up and will allow fans to gain more insight into the mind of Alexander 23.