Coldplay explores celestial melodies in “Music Of The Spheres”


Photo via Coldplay

After almost a two-year break since their last full album, British pop group Coldplay has released a new album, “Music Of The Spheres.” The 12-track album was released on Oct. 15, featuring artists BTS, We Are KING, Jacob Collier and Selena Gomez. 

The album explores the “spheres” in space. It portrays the cosmos as a metaphor for the difficulties and wonders of life on Earth. The album takes listeners on a voyage into space that reflects on the nature of humanity and the need for universal love. The tracks contain celestial melodies that are relaxing and enthralling making this album one of my favorites.

Track 11, “Infinity Sign,” takes the form of an instrumental cut with mellow electric guitar solos. This song reminded me of how talented all of the band members are. I’m not much of a fan of songs with only instrumentals, but this track proved to me that a song doesn’t need lyrics to be great. Track 5, “Let Somebody Go,” is a raw, emotional ballad in which lead singer and pianist Chris Martin and Gomez share their experiences of heartbreak and letting go of a loved one. Gomez and Martin’s vocals compliment each other well throughout the song, and the harmonies created are ethereal. I felt emotional while listening to this song because the lyrics were so honest and pure.

My personal favorite tracks were “My Universe” and “People Of The Pride.” The powerful message about LGBTQ+ couples made “People Of The Pride” one of my favorites. The intro was filled with instrumentals resembling that of their 2008 hit song “Viva La Vida.” After a couple of verses, Martin sings “we’ll all be free to fall in love with who we are” and then a powerful, thrilling bridge takes off. I get goosebumps thinking about how this song would sound live at a concert.

The music video for “My Universe” was released Sept. 24. As a big fan of BTS, I highly anticipated the release of this song, and it met my expectations. This track was another favorite as it presents the concept of love and unity in the entire universe. With BTS being in South Korea, the video gave off the notion of togetherness despite physical separation, and that all we need is love and passion to overcome boundaries. The entirety of the song emphasizes the idea of the importance of unity to create a positive and affectionate place for everyone. The messages about the power of love, even when the world tries to halt it with closed-minded barriers, made this track very meaningful for me. 

The album was unique and made me happy to see Coldplay releasing new music. With concepts about equality, unity and love among everything in the universe and various instrumentals, this album stood out to me because it strays away from mainstream music. Overall, the album was refreshing and gave off a positive vibe that’s worth listening to.