“King Richard” is a heartfelt and inspiring biopic


Photo via Warner Bros. Pictures

Serena and Venus Williams. Those are names that many have heard before because of their outstanding tennis skills. Everyone knows of their fame and skills, but not many know how they got there, or more importantly, who got them there. The biopic, “King Richard,” was released in theaters and on HBOMax on Nov. 19. The hard-hitting tale of a father’s perseverance and desire to help his daughters become successful is definitely worth watching.

The movie centers around Richard Williams (Will Smith), a father helping his daughters Serena (Demi Singleton) and Venus (Saniyya Sidney) reach their maximum potential. The movie takes viewers on a journey of Richard’s contribution to helping Serena and Venus play professional tennis. 

As a fan of Serena and Venus, I was excited to watch the movie. I was eager to learn more about their background and rise to fame. The dynamic of Richard’s character was intriguing. Right off the bat, I could tell he was flawed. I disliked how he was controlling and had single-minded determination. There was a dark side to him, but nonetheless, his parental devotion was amazing. His stubbornness and unwillingness to take ‘no’ for an answer helped Serena and Venus gain a lot of opportunities. All he wanted was for them to play professionally and not succumb to the pressures of competition. He further emphasized that he knew he was tough on his daughters, but that was his job as their father. The passion he had to build a great life for his daughters was fascinating.

Smith truly embodied Richard Williams. I was annoyed at points, but that showed how Richard’s stubbornness made several hate him, and he endured everything so his daughters wouldn’t have to. The value he saw in his daughters is probably something no one else will ever be able to see. What made me emotional was how Richard did all of this to not only make sure his daughters would be written in history, but that they would be respected as well. 

Richard’s love for Serena and Venus is touching even though he has his moments. Richard had multiple roles in his daughters’ lives, but when he was in the stands watching his daughters, he took on the role of a supportive father. His complex character is what kept me intrigued most of the movie, and it was nice to see Richard get the recognition he deserves. It was also great to see the dynamic between Serena and Venus, because they have a close bond. It was interesting to watch the early family life beginnings of two women who have made history in tennis.

Overall, I thought the movie was emotionally inspiring. The 90s aesthetic and dynamic of the Williams family is captivating. Richard is an admirable person and his daughters are well-spoken, which showed through the movie. I recommend “King Richard” to anyone looking for a passionate and inspiring plot.