Valentine’s-themed Starbucks drinks to try

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I have decided to put together an unofficial list of Valentine’s Day inspired Starbucks drinks with my experience as a barista. As these drinks are not on the actual menu, they are modified versions of existing drinks, and the baristas will need to know how to make the drink (which are listed down below under each drink name).


Strawberry Hot Chocolate:

Ask for a Hot Toasted White Hot Chocolate with strawberry puree.

This hot drink reminds me of what chocolate-covered strawberries would be in the form of a hot drink. The toasted white hot chocolate balances the fruity flavor of the strawberries, making the perfect flavor combination. I recommend this drink to anyone wanting a non-caffeinated hot drink.


Iced Strawberry Caramel Macchiato:

Ask for an Iced Caramel Macchiato with strawberry puree with two extra pumps of vanilla.

This is a great iced coffee idea that satisfies a sweet tooth. The strawberry puree added to the caramel macchiato brings a bold sensation that blends well with the iced coffee. This is a great alternative to your everyday iced coffee that’s in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino:

Ask for a Vanilla Bean creme frappuccino with strawberry puree. Feel free to ask for a mocha drizzle on top of the whipped cream for an extra chocolaty boost! 

I had to include a frappuccino recipe that reminded me of my favorite dessert. Continuing the strawberry trend, this drink reminds me of a strawberry cake. This delightful drink is great for anyone wanting a frappuccino without any caffeine. 


The Red drink:

Ask for a strawberry acai lemonade refresher with mango dragon fruit inclusions and sweet cream cold foam on top! 

The strong taste of the refresher with lemonade nicely balanced the sweet foam. The tangy taste blends in with the subtleness of the cold foam well. I recommended this to anyone who wants a refreshing drink that is strong in flavor.



As the recipes above aren’t seasonal (with the exception of the toasted white hot chocolate), you are able to enjoy these delicious drinks year round. Whether this is to get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day or you’re a strawberry enthusiast, these drink ideas are sure to sweeten your holiday.