“Back to 15” made me want to go back in time


Photo via Netflix

“Back to 15,” released on Netflix on Feb. 25, is a new Brazilian show with six episodes, featuring 30-year-old Anita (Camila Queiroz) as she travels back in time to when she was 15. In the show, 15-year-old Anita (Maisa Silva) is faced with challenges involving identity and relationships with friends and family, all of which will influence and change her future. 

I started this show with mixed feelings, as the concept seemed interesting, but watching the trailer lowered my expectations. The trailer felt like the essence of 2016, so I went into it with uneasiness. However, once I actually started the show, I was captivated from the start. “Back to 15” begins with adult Anita attending, and accidentally ruining, her older sister Luiza’s (Amanda Azevedo) wedding. From the start, Anita felt like a relatable character: someone who loves photography, rock music and cats. 

This show exceeded my expectations and took all of my time, causing me to finish the entire season in a day. Due to having the same experiences as she did when she was 30, teenage Anita exuded boldness as she stood up to those who terrorized her and others throughout high school. 

This season showed immense character development with Anita as she became more aware of how her actions affect others, along with the hardships others in her life may be experiencing. New experiences taught her to be more observant and take into account that she can’t control and help everyone, even when she doesn’t always understand other’s actions. 

The only critique I have is that the show often felt like it was taking place in the wrong decade, looking like it took place in the 90s instead of 2006. Most music and pop culture references seemed to be older — some memorable ones being a discussion on a My Chemical Romance song and Anita’s love for the movie “Amélie.”

Despite this, the show knew how to keep the viewer entertained and ended the season with a huge cliffhanger that left me anticipating and hoping for a second season.