Epic finale of “The Inheritance Games” did not dissapoint

I’ve waited for many books to be released and trilogies to be finished, but no wait has left me on the edge of my seat quite as much as “The Final Gambit.” The thrilling finale of Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ “The Inheritance Games” series left me in shambles, giving an extraordinary trilogy the closure it deserves. 

The trilogy follows Avery Grambs, a witty teenager who was chosen to inherit the networth of Texan billionaire Tobias Hawthorne if she can live in his mansion for a year. With only a few weeks before she becomes the world’s richest teenager, secrets and riddles find their way to the light and Avery’s life takes a dark turn. 

The first two books of the series were amazing, so when I found out my English teacher would soon possess the third, I knew I had to catch myself up. It didn’t take long to fall back into this world of love and lies, and I stayed up a little too late binge-reading the series. 

I was shaking eagerly the next morning; I needed that book as much as my mother needed coffee. With all that potential, I was worried it would disappoint.

Luckily, my anticipation for the finale didn’t lead me astray. “The Final Gambit” left my jaw on the floor. In the first week it came out, I read it twice. Even for me, a self-proclaimed nerd, that was a lot. This page-turning book glued itself to my hand and I rushed to finish my work in every class just to get back to reading. 

I definitely failed a quiz for this book, but it was worth it. 

I analyzed every scene for as much foreshadowing as I could find, yet I was left just as surprised as the next guy when a new twist revealed itself. The plot twists felt necessary and original, just like the first two novels.

The characters were vivid and real, with every character possessing the perfect amount of humor and tragedy. I absolutely adore the lifelike feeling this book brings, though each character has an IQ that can rival Einstein. 

Some scenes felt a little cliché, but with everything this novel has going for it, I can’t complain. 

If you ever feel the need to rip yourself apart and sew yourself together, this is the perfect book to assist you. It’s full of heartbreaking scenes and lines that will make you die of laughter. Whether you’ve been reading your whole life or you’re trying to get into literature, this thrilling series has something for everyone.