As seen on TV

As seen on TV

Lights flashing, loud noises everywhere, the party has just begun.

Hebron 9th grade center English teacher, Kathryn Gaughan, starred on popular TLC show Four Weddings, which features four couples and each of their weddings. The women go to each others weddings and judge them on their dress, venue, food and overall experience and the winner couple receives a dream honeymoon.

Four years ago, Gaughan lived in Chicago and she was told by the theater she had chosen for her venue that Four Weddings was scouting for weddings being held in Chicago to film.

“It kind of fell in my lap, it wasn’t something I applied for. I still had to go through a couple interviews.” Gaughan said.

Interestingly, having her wedding on TV wasn’t the weirdest part.

“The weirdest was judging other people’s weddings. I am too nice and I didn’t want to have to go to other people’s weddings and be mean” Gaughan said. “It was weird to critique someone else’s wedding and be not close to them and still criticize them.”

Because the show is a competition, TLC, in order to keep it fair, did not pay for anything in the wedding.

“The venue and other people ended up helping out and pitching in things for free so it looks nice on TV.” Gaughan said when asked about how the competition aspect of the shows impact on her wedding.