Senior’s Sanguine Season


Photo by Kai Fernando

Senior Grayson Allo takes a dunk after a quick steal from the Farmers. Allo has been looking for a scholarship as this is his last year to play. “I was in the right spot at the right time, just like Coach had been teaching us,” Allo said. “Being in that spot gave me the steal and a fast two points. I just added a little flair to it.”

Basketball has been an important facet of life for senior Grayson Allo, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been obstructing his practices and games. However, despite the interruptions, in the fall season, Allo has been working to be the best basketball player he has ever been. 


Allo will be entering his third season on varsity basketball. Varsity played in AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) tournaments over the summer, with changes due to COVID-19. This is Allo’s second year as a starter. He looks to make the best of the season despite these changes.


“The AAU season was cut short due to COVID-19, but I feel like when we got to play, the team played really well,” Allo said. “It sucks that the biggest AAU season of my life was ruined, but we had to deal with what we were given and make the most of it.”


Allo said he has taken on the pressure of being a starter and has additionally been tasked with being a leader on the court. He said he hopes he can have as much impact on the younger players, as his predecessors had on him.


“As a senior, my job has transitioned more from a student to a mentor,” Allo said. “I feel like I take that mantle pretty well as I’ve been a main leader on my AAU team for a few years now.”


Allo said he expects big things for this season; however, he does expect there to be some problems due to a lack of height. Allo said the team has faster, smaller guys, but not a lot of height compared to previous seasons. 


“This team is a guard-heavy team, but [we have] a lot of depth,” Allo stated. “We might struggle to protect the rim against bigger teams, but at the same time, they will have trouble against our quicker guards on the perimeter.” 


A new year means new players and talent. Allo said he thinks the team has gained impact players and has a shot at being good this year. 


“Given how I saw the team play in our first two scrimmages, we have a group of really solid sophomores,” Allo said. “I think they will help balance the team as a whole, allowing us to rotate more players throughout games.” 


As a senior, Allo said this season is important for his future. He has big dreams he wants to see through in his collegiate career.


“My plan after high school is to play college basketball, but if that doesn’t pan out, then I’ll probably go to a good programming college,” Allo said. “I would play anywhere, but everyone has to have a backup plan and programming is mine.”