Muslim Student Association opens its doors


Photo by Leila Olukoga

Vice president Shamailah Poonjani begins the meeting with an introduction to MSA and its purposes. MSA holds its meetings every Friday during B block.

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a club created to enhance the understanding of Islam and its purposes while eliminating Islamophobic stereotypes and misconceptions. MSA’s second meeting will be held on Sept. 27.

“Muslims right now are seen as a minority group and there are so many misconceptions that are just thrown around about [them],” president Faiz Rajwani said. “Muslims are always being put down left and right. We never have a chance at getting recognized and we’re all just brought down in society. I just wanted to make this club so that all Muslims can come together as a whole.”

Though the club is centered on Islamic faith and understandings, students from different cultures and religions are welcome to join.

“We wish to eliminate Islamophobia and we want to hold a place, not only for Muslims, but other races and religions to come and ask questions about misconceptions.” Rajwani said. “Ideally, the purpose of the club is to bring the Muslim youth together as a whole and talk about our faith and our culture.”

Vice president Shamailah Poonjani said she hopes MSA provides a comfortable space for everyone to come, whether they’re Muslim or not, to represent the Muslim minority. MSA plans on holding community services days during the upcoming weeks.

“I just feel like Muslims are a very small minority at this school,” Poonjani said. “Having representation here is really important just to make sure everyone feels welcome.”