Ruckus and Rowdy to attend next home game


Photo by Leila Olukoga

Members of Ruckus and Rowdy cheer at last year’s homecoming football game. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the club does not have leaders, but members are still encouraged to participate.

After a delayed start to the year, Ruckus and Rowdy has started hosting events and is planning to meet at the next home football game on Oct. 30 to show support for the football team.

Last week, students were able to officially sign up for Ruckus and Rowdy, a senior school spirit organization devoted to cheering at sporting events. Due to school closing, current seniors were not able to attend games and earn membership during the spring.

A link was sent out through Twitter for students to order shirts. Around 80 students have already signed up, which is fewer than the typical number of members who sign up for the club.

“Normally we order 200 [shirts] in the spring and then another 50 or so in the fall, so we’re pretty short on the [amount of] people,” Ruckus and Rowdy sponsor Jennifer Russell said. “It’s also hard because there’s only 100 students allowed in the games.”

Seniors can participate by attending home football games, and are not required to attend away games. The next home football game is on Oct. 30 against Flower Mound. However, there are a few changes in the way the Ruckus and Rowdy section will look.

“We don’t have leaders because we can’t physically be in front of a crowd,” Russell said. “The leaders really run the club. I’m just here to order the shirts and sign off on the money, but they do such a massive part of [the club].”

In addition to not having leaders, Ruckus and Rowdy has faced the difficulty of finding a designated area to stand. At the last home game, there was no specified area for seniors to meet.

“The kids had nowhere to go, they had nowhere to sit and nowhere to stand,” Russell said. “When they started cheering, parents got upset because they were too loud. They’re on the side where they used to be, [but] now the band and [the] colorguard is over there.”

By the next home game, Ruckus and Rowdy hopes to have a section to themselves. Ruckus and Rowdy shirts will not arrive by Oct. 30, but students are encouraged to attend. For new information and updates related to the club and meeting at football games, students should check the Ruckus and Rowdy Twitter or Instagram page.

“All the kids have different schedules, so we’re hoping for the best and just seeing where it goes because we have so many obstacles for a club that is so physical and doesn’t have a meeting time, place [or] location, and never has,” Russell said. “We’re hoping, by [game day], we have a section. That’s the first goal that we need to accomplish.”