Hall of fame committee created to recognize notable alumni


The first committee meeting to nominate alumni for the new hall of fame took place on Dec. 15 at 4 p.m.

Assistant principal Jacob Garlinger is leading the hall of fame project and plans on having four or five committee meetings before March, the tentative month for the induction ceremony. Garlinger said because Hebron is a relatively new school, there needed to be time for the graduates to make a name for themselves so that select alumnus can be recognized. 

“I think it’s more about giving the hall of fame the space to let those people develop,” Garlinger said. “Then, coming in a couple of decades later and being able to see over the course of 20 years, this is what some of our early [graduates] have been able to accomplish.”

The committee will include head football coach Brian Brazil, volleyball coach Karin Keeney, English teacher Donna Friend, digital/interactive media teacher Dave Cone, accounting teacher Ellery Smith, freshman campus principal Amanda Werneke, assistant principal Jacob Garlinger and PTA and community members.

“I want [the committee] to be representative of the different people we have on campus,” Garlinger said. “So the teachers are going to know these [nominees] the best but I want it to be a diverse committee that ultimately selects the people.”

Each teacher received a form to nominate people in the building to be a part of the committee. English teacher Donna Friend wanted to do it because she has been at the school since it opened and she felt it was something she could add her experience to.

“We’ve had some really amazing students graduate from Hebron High School, so it would be a fun thing to celebrate them and it’s cool that we’re finally starting it,” Friend said. “I’m looking forward to remembering students and having the opportunity to find where they are now and how awesome they’ve been.”

The first meeting was spent defining what characteristics they’re looking for in alumni to qualify to be in the hall of fame. The committee is going to develop set criteria of characteristics and there will be a vote on initial inductees once those characteristics are decided.

“My two cents is [we should focus on] that holistic picture, because you may be a successful performer or athlete, but what does your character look like?” principal Amy Boughton said. “What is your commitment to the community? Have you come back and reached out on the campus and worked with us? [We want] a great all-around person who represents us.”

Garlinger said this will not be an athletics-exclusive hall of fame. He wants the hall of fame to reflect the diversity of the campus.

“We’re going to have representatives from every walk of life and many different professions in terms of who is nominated,” Garlinger said. “We’re trying to cover a lot of different bases with those folks.”