Hebron Theater to hold “Legally Blonde” musical Jan. 27-30


Hyunsol Lim

On January 22, the cast of “Legally Blonde” began rehearsals with mic checks, lighting checks, and other technicalities. Senior Cameron Parham sings from the top of the staircase while the rest of the cast sings on stage, rehearsing a scene from the musical.

Hebron Theatre will  perform the musical “Legally Blonde”  Jan. 27-30 in the school auditorium at 7 p.m. each day and an additional 2 p.m. performance. on Jan. 29 and 30. Tickets can be bought through this link.

“Legally Blonde” tells the story of college student Elle Woods (senior Cameron Parham) and her defiance of the stereotypes against blonde people by gaining admission to Harvard. The musical will consist of characters such as salon worker Paulette Bonafonte (junior Audrey Shin) and pool boy Enrique Salvatore (junior John Michael Manon). 

“We had auditions in October and after that we had singing rehearsals and dancing rehearsals,” Shin said. “We did singing rehearsals with the choir director, Mr. Ratliff and dancing rehearsals with the head choreographer, [junior] Emma Foughty. The whole musical is choreographed by students. I’m a bit nervous [for the musical], but now that I see everything put together I’m very excited.”

Due to COVID-19, last year’s musical, “Chicago,” included social distancing and other safety precautions. However, since health restrictions have relaxed this year, the musical will be traditional with fewer COVID-19 constraints.

“In ‘Chicago,’ the musical itself was different — there was a smaller cast and a lot of separate rehearsals [due to having to] social distance,” Manon said. “This year, everything else is a bit more loose and rehearsals went back to normal, [so] more things [are moving] more fluidly.” 

The musical will feature dogs, confetti and a larger cast. Songs like “So much better” and “Ireland” as well as dance acts will be showcased. Junior Isabella Nations will be in the musical as a dancer. 

“I’m really excited [and] I think it’s going to be a really good [musical],” Nations said. “I don’t have a really big role, and I’m not really in theater, but we have all worked really hard to get to where we are.” 

Shin said she hopes many people will come to the show since the cast has been working hard on a successful production for the audience.

“‘Legally Blonde’ is a movie that everyone should have watched in their childhood and it’s a musical that appeals to our generation,” Shin said. “It’s really exciting. I think everyone should come especially because it’s our first real musical since COVID-19.”