Orchestra All-State audition results to release Nov. 13


Students practice in the orchestra hall. They practiced music from “Black Panther” on Nov. 10 during 3rd period.

Results for the auditions for All-State Orchestra will be released Nov. 13.

Texas Music Educators Association’s (TMEA) All-State competition takes student musicians from around Texas to San Antonio on Feb. 11–12. For this competition, an audition is required. Six Hebron students submitted auditions.

“Making [All-State is] a one of a kind experience,” sophomore Allen Lee said. “In All-State, you get to travel. It’s kind of like band.”

Students got the audition music over the summer, which usually consists of three excerpts and two etudes. 

“It takes a lot of work to learn the material because it’s some of the most demanding music that’s been written for the instrument,” orchestra director Matthew Cautivar said. 

After the students arrive in San Antonio, there are hours of daily practice leading up to a performance where they play with their peers.

“Up until the Wednesday of the festival, most of [the students] never played in an orchestra [together] before,” Cautivar said. “They have four days to become an orchestra, and then the performance is on that Saturday.”

Being accepted into All-State has a lot of benefits, including advantages on college resumes and the experience it provides the students with, Cautivar said. It is the top level in TMEA competition. 

“The people you meet are also majoring in music like you, so [you make] connections, and [you also] make new friends that you’ll probably meet down the line if you major in music,” senior Lauren Ahn said. 

Last year, two Hebron students made it into All-State.

“Anybody is capable of it,” region 2 chair James Zauner said. “I think a large portion of it comes down to the amount of work and work ethic. “I know especially this time of year all students, all teachers, we’re all just exhausted, and this is that time when you’ve just gotta push through.”