Learning Bright: Tech labs make a breakthrough


The Bright and Learning Lab, two new technology labs designed to allow flexible learning environments, have recently been established in the school. The Bright lab is located in room 2440 and the Access Lab in the library access room. The idea for the Bright and Learning Lab came from assistant principals Jacob Garlinger and Amy Obenhaus.

“We certainly understand that our students are in the 21st century and this is their way of learning,” Obenhaus said. “The idea of strait-laced rows with desks is not the way in which our students want to learn.”

Renovations to these old computer labs started at the beginning of this past year with the help of Chris Bright, owner of the neighborhood Castle Hills. The Bright Lab has a full cart of laptops, industrial grade sofas, and tables while the Access Lab has seven plasma screen TVs, to allow group collaboration, and new tables and chairs.

“I would say this is a part of our district’s Strategic Design effort,” Principal Scot Finch said.