Debate organizes fundraiser with Steel City Pops


Photo taken by: Tatiana Calzado

Steel City Pops will be selling popsicles for $3 every Tuesday after school in front of the cafeteria and outside the gym as a fundraiser started by the debate team.

Debate’s booster club parents were familiar with Steel City Pops and its work with the PTA at certain middle schools in LISD. The booster club parents then made arrangements with Steel City Pops to visit the school after seeing the work made with the PTA at the middle schools.

“[The booster club parents] knew how much their kids enjoyed them as middle school students  and then made the arrangements with Steel City Pops to do a couple of test days,” debate sponsor Leeann Solice said. “We had two test days; one was at open house and the other was a couple of weeks later. In order to get [Steel City Pops] to become a permanent vendor, we had to sell over 100 pops on each of those occasions, and we did.”

The fundraiser was started to support debate students who will attend summer camps at certain universities. Steel City Pops will be selling every Tuesday until May.

“[Steel City Pops] said selling at Hebron was really great because it was a good opportunity to get their product out there,” Solice said. “[They] said they would give us a contract to sell every Tuesday. We chose them because they’re organic, healthy and they’re really delicious.”