Meet the talent


The annual “Hebron’s Got Talent” show will be held Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets are $5 at the door. Audience members can vote for acts for the People’s Choice award with cash votes; $1 equals one vote. With 1/2 of the talent coming from school, The Hawk Eye takes a closer look at some of the acts.

Bollywood Bellas

Left to right: Sandra Dominic (senior), Gloria Joseph (senior), Anjali Philipose (junior), Reshma Karakkattil (senior), Fabah Biji (senior), Trifeena James (senior) not pictured

Q: What is your act?

A: “We are the Bollywood Bellas and we’re doing a Bollywood dance. [We choreographed the dance by] collaborated pieces we did previously and incorporated it into one big production. We are all separate dancers. We have never performed as a group; this is our first time.There [are] four songs and we started choreographing in January. [We are excited] to hopefully teach some new people about different Bollywood music in our culture.” – senior Reshma Karakkattil


Chloe Bergman


Q: What is your act?

A: “I’m singing a song I wrote. I wrote it about a month ago for fun, but I ended up using it for the talent show because I liked it. I like writing songs and I sing them at this cafe called C2 Cafe in Downtown Carrollton. It’s called ‘My Parents’ Hands’ and [since I am adopted] it’s about my adoption process and my mom’s and my family’s point of view and my own point of view on it. I guess [I am excited to see] people’s reaction to my song because I like getting feedback.”


Quantum Quartet 

Left to right: Peyton Joffre (sophomore), Austin Dreyer (sophomore),  Ekdev Rajkitkul (sophomore) and Bruce Moe (junior)

Q: What is your act?

A: “It’s a saxophone quartet. For our competition literature we’ll be playing one of the songs, ‘Songs for the Coming Day.’ Our quartet started a little over a year ago, like the summer of last year and we’ve rehearsed regularly since. We started working on the music this past summer, so [we] had it for a while. [We’re looking forward] to getting to share our music, because not many people know about the stuff we do and what a saxophone quartet is. It’ll be a really cool experience to share all the hard work we’ve put into it.”  – junior Bruce Moe


Leah Varghese


Q: What is your act?

A: “I’m singing a Beyonce song, ‘Best Thing I Never Had.’ I just love Beyonce and I thought it was a really nice song to perform at “Hebron’s Got Talent.” I’m really excited to get to perform on stage with a lot of great acts and to get to perform in front of people at school. I sing at church a lot and I’ve been singing since I was three years old. Everyone should come out to the show; it’s going to be a lot of fun.”


Left to right:  Addie Thrower (junior), Sophia Garcia (sophomore), Morgan Hamilton (junior), Sheridan White (senior) not pictured

Q: What is your act?

A: “We are singing ‘Mr. Sandman’ and we are a quartet called Fourte. Originally we were a trio and then we added Sophia. We needed an alto, but Sheridan is a soprano, but she learned the song in an hour and performed it a week later. The awards don’t matter but I just want to sing ‘Mr. Sandman’ and hear people go ‘I didn’t know four people could sing at once.’” – junior Addie Thrower