FCCLA advances to state after win at regionals


Photo provided by Jacqueline Rans

FCCLA poses for a picture with their medals. They competed in regionals on Feb. 23.

FCCLA will compete in state April 4-5 after its regional competition on Feb. 23 in Waco. FCCLA won 37 gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal at regionals. Sophomores Anna Hall, Layiah Tate and Enara Jawani are among the 37 gold medalists. This year, senior Jessica Lopez advanced to state.

“This year was the biggest year so far,” FCCLA sponsor Jacqueline Rans said. “We’re growing every year, and we’re very excited about it. Last year we [took] about 15 [students] to regionals and they all got gold medals, and we had one advance to state.”

Sophomore Adam Soomoro has been a part of FCCLA for over three years, and this year he gained the position of historian and is in charge of the FCCLA social media. He also ran for the position of Vice President of Finance and secured the position earlier this year.

“There are many opportunities [to win awards],” Soomoro said. “At the regional meetings, we have written FCSAs (Family Consumer Science Assessments). We’re tested over one topic within the family consumer sciences range. It’s the entry into the competition: Creed, Mission and Purpose.”

Rans and the students are always welcoming new members to FCCLA.

“The goal of FCCLA, as I see for our school, is to offer a place for all students to go that want to help themselves, help their leadership skills, gain career skills, as well as [providing] community service and volunteering opportunities,” Rans said. “It’s a better you, you can make a goal for yourself, you can make a goal to do something with your family. I really like that about FCCLA, it’s one of the only student organizations that focuses on the family.”