FCCLA holds 5k run to raise awareness about poverty


Provided by FCCLA

The welcome sign at the FCCLA 5k run held on Jan. 12. held at Hebron. The event raised $4,000 — money going to The Net (an organization helping people affected by poverty).

FCCLA sponsored a 5k run on Jan. 12 to raise money in order to help gain awareness about poverty. Coordinators and juniors, Leili Mostoufi and Lexi Pepper raised around $4,000, which will directly go to the group’s beneficiary: The Net.

The Net is an organization directly helping people who have been affected by poverty and sexual assault. The proceeds raised will help improve their centers and fund the program.

“We’re hoping to accomplish a more accepting … and aware [culture] about the different things going [on] around the metroplex,” Pepper said.

The 5K was Pepper and Mostoufi’s “Star Project,” a service project FCCLA members take on for competitions. Pepper and Mostoufi said their main goal was to get the school into community service.

“You notice [poverty], and it’s heartbreaking” Mostoufi said. “Especially in the state America is in right now, no one really pays attention to it. People like to think poverty is a political issue, but I think every human can help out.”

The coordinators worked directly with The Net and the city in order to organize the event. During the process of setting up the run, Pepper and Mostoufi had to fill out special event forms, went through inspections and contacted with the police department, health inspection, fire department and special events.

“Responses from the students were mixed,” Pepper said. “At first, people went ‘I don’t want to run…’ But we made sure to emphasize the fact that you can walk. Once we pitched that more, people slowly started getting on board with it.”

Pepper and Mostoufi wanted to relate the project to a topic people can stand for, like poverty.

“If you want to make a difference, you can do it,” Mostoufi said. “It’s just a few doors away and anyone can help anyone. There’s a whole other side of the world.”