Rija Hates Everything: Stop Snubbing Timothée Chalamet


Illustration by Yasmin Haq

On Jan. 22, the Oscars announced its nominations for the 2019 Academy Awards and it missed out on a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Timothée Chalamet in “Beautiful Boy.”

Chalamet was missing from the category and instead, Mahershala Ali for “Green Book,” Adam Driver for “BlacKkKlansman,” Sam Elliott for “A Star Is Born,” Richard E. Grant for “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” and Sam Rockwell for “Vice” made up the Best Supporting Actor category nominations at the 2019 Academy Awards.

While there are plenty of worthy performances being acknowledged, I couldn’t believe Chalamet was left out.

Chalamet was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for “Beautiful Boy” at the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Satellite Awards, the San Diego Film Critics Society and the Hollywood Film Awards which led to everyone on the internet, including myself, to believe Chalamet was definitely getting another nomination at Oscars for Best Supporting Actor after being nominated in the same category last year for “Call Me By Your Name.”

Chalamat gave the most emotional, powerful and complicated performance of a methamphetamine addiction in “Beautiful Boy” and that won him much acclaim.

Was it the category confusion? Chalamat is the star of “Beautiful Boy” and he was a supporting actor to Steve Carell who played as his father.

There is absolutely no reason for him not to be nominated; it makes no sense to me. It looks like the Oscars has some kind of bitterness against him because last year, even though he got the nomination he deserved, he did not win even after being a breakout actor and being one of the youngest Oscar nominees.

What was the reason this year? Is he “too good” at his job? Too young? Is he the next Leonardo DiCaprio?  

Are the Oscars punishing Chalamet for being a great actor at just 23 years years old? I don’t know why, but whatever the reason was, it screwed up really bad.

The reason I dislike the Oscars so much is just because of the stupid moves they pull every single year and that includes forgetting Timothée Chalamet this year, taking years to reward Leonardo DiCaprio and taking forever to recognize the people who deserve it.