Tuning in with Leila: Brent Faiyaz


Illustration by Yasmin Haq

Brent Faiyaz released his second album “F**k the World” on Feb. 7. Fans across the world communicated their anticipation for the album’s release, and with his growing popularity on social media platforms, his album placed 70th in the Top 100 on Apple Music. 

Faiyaz’s single “Rehab (Winter in Paris)” was released a few weeks prior to the album, exciting his fans even more. The single portrayed Faiyaz’s usual style: deep and mysterious. However, the 26-minute album did not convey the same message the single had. 

Ever since Faiyaz gained popularity and recognition from social media platforms like TikTok, his appearance and sound have changed. It was clear he wanted to continue to convey his message while appealing to everyone’s musical taste, and now it seems he wants to depict himself in a new light. 

I have been listening to Faiyaz since 2016 when he only released EPs and singles, and I am used to his ideal style of music. He tends to sing about the beauty of traveling to expensive locations and sleeping with many women in his free time. 

Faiyaz opens up to his fans more in this 10-song album about his personal life and ignorance of the world at large. Faiyaz undoubtedly showed how much he has grown as a person and within his music since his last release in 2017, and although his album has proven to be extraordinary, a few songs, in particular, did stick out to me. 

“Clouded” and “Been Away” have a different vibe attached to them. They convey his unrequited love and need to let go of depression and stress. Those two songs remind me of his new ways of musicality and gave me hope his next release may include even more emotional vibes and lyrics. 

Overall, this album combined his heavenly vocals, his yearning for a grasp of reality, and his uniqueness. Faiyaz’s combination of both contemplativeness and courage made this album all the better.