Opinion: Resources for Environmental Awareness

Opinion: Resources for Environmental Awareness

The Earth has cared for us for as long as humans have been around, but we have not cared for it in return. We are all busy, so it is hard to incorporate the environment’s needs into our daily lives. Here are some convenient resources to add to your downtime, or whenever you want to stay informed on relevant environmental issues.


Social media



You may click on Leo DiCaprio’s Instagram expecting posts promoting his acting career, but his Instagram feed is a refreshing surprise. He promotes environmental issues surrounding the ocean, species on the verge of extinction, natural disasters and other aspects of the planet’s deteriorating health. Join 44 million people in following him for valuable insight on current environmental topics.



Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist with a strong presence on Instagram. At just 17 years old, she’s an inspiration to young students everywhere with her school strikes against climate change. Go to her Instagram to learn more about her plans to educate others and take action against climate change.



Give a follow to this climate-driven Instagram account for necessary information. Their aesthetically-pleasing, colorful feed has a huge variety of posts on the climate topic, with more about the effects of the presidential election on climate change recently. By simply following informative Instagram accounts, you’re adding more significance to the variety of posts you see and more purpose to your time spent scrolling through Instagram.






Ecosia: Google Play and App Store 

This app turns your search engine into an expanding resource for trees. On average, for every 45 searches you put in, a tree gets planted. By placing Ecosia where your Safari app originally was, you are inclined to use the more environmentally friendly search engine.


Oroeco: Google Play and App Store

If you are interested in tracking your carbon footprint: this app is for you. From categories like transit, home, food and shopping, Oroeco helps you track and understand the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through your daily activities.


Joulebug: Google Play and App Store

With Joulebug, you can check out various actions and challenges to participate in or host that involve being energy efficient and forming good eco and nutritional habits. If you need motivation, you can attempt to win prizes by completing challenges with team members or on your own.





Given that this website was inspired by two fourth grade girls who led an effort to pass an ordinance banning polystyrene foam harmful to animal habitats, it is evident that it is a supporter of youth activism. Throughout the site, you can learn about the Alliance for Student Action and various youth led solutions to issues in the environment.



This site is another option for making a wholesome impact on the environment by resorting to the green choices it suggests in detail. Scroll through the variety of columns with helpful guides to various beneficial choices. From the best energy efficient washing machines to the pros and cons of processed foods, the information is all there for you.





Down to Earth with Zac Efron: Netflix

I may have been more interested in Zac Efron than what the documentary had to offer at first, but my interest soon took hold of the intriguing ways to live in different countries featured in the episodes. This fascinating docuseries takes Efron and a wellness expert around the globe exploring environmentally efficient energy sources, cleaner water, foods and plants with health benefits and overall a good sense of healthy, sustainable ways to live. As he visits countries like France and Iceland, you’ll question, “Why can’t the United States put the environment as a priority?”


Awareness is the first step in taking action. Although we are informed as a generation with smartphones providing news to us all day long, most of us tend to leave that information behind under a pile of to-do lists and more appealing thoughts. Ignorance may be viewed as bliss to some, but in the long run, it can only lead to problems persisting. By incorporating more knowledge of environmental issues into your day, you can increase your awareness. While thinking and being aware of the imminent future of our planet does not seem like change, it leads to the circulation of ideas and plans to improve its state.