Best Dressed: Fall Fads


Illustration by: Yasmin Haq

Every year pumpkin spice everything floods grocery stores and the clocks fall back an hour, signaling a temperature drop that understandably makes everyone mourn summer and welcome the brisk fall air. Just because jean shorts and tank tops have to be set aside for the next few months, it doesn’t mean outfits have to be boring. Many times I find myself haphazardly throwing on an oversized sweatshirt and leggings to run out the door in time to scrape the frost from my windshield, but with the amazing outfit inspiration in the media right now, there is no excuse not to partake in the stunning fall trends this season. 

Relaxed Blazers:

One trend that has flooded my Pinterest boards lately are blazers, specifically faux leather blazers. This structured and sophisticated item used to be strictly reserved for business attire, but is now seen perfectly paired with jeans and a classic white t-shirt. This casual jacket is a great transition piece for this season because it can easily be styled many different ways for warmer or colder days. 

Sweater Vests:

As a strong advocate for argyle and the pioneer of this trend, Harry Styles, I love this cozy look. In Texas, the only thing that can determine whether a day will be filled with overheating or hands that feel like ice cubes is layering, and sweater vests are a perfect layering garment. They are easy to throw on over a thick turtleneck, or to wear on their own, making for a versatile closet staple. My favorite way to style this garment is over a casual tennis skirt with some comfortable boots. This trend is popping up in a variety of prints from plaid, to fruits and florals, so there is something to fit everyone’s personal style. 

Yoga pants:

While there is still a debate brewing between millennials and Gen Z on if this item should be referred to as yoga pants or flared leggings, they are nonetheless making a strong comeback this season. These comfortable pants can be worn to workout, hang around the house or even to go out. Yoga pants can be styled so many different ways, making them a must have item, especially for lazy days. The most common way I’ve seen these bottoms worn recently is with a turtleneck or collared shirt, a graphic sweatshirt and a chunky pair of sneakers. 

A common theme among these trends is definitely layering, which is undoubtedly a skill many have developed in order to survive the erratic southern weather. I urge everyone to step outside of their comfort zones this season and give something new a try. Regardless of what your style is, always remember to complete your outfit with a matching mask.