Opinion: It is important to establish families outside of home


The newspaper staff poses with an award during our trip to Austin. I have found a community and a family outside my home with my amazing newspaper friends.

Not to knock on my parents and sister, but this year has been so refreshing since I joined “The Hawk Eye” at the start of the second semester. In this class, I have met some of the most intelligent, humorous, kind and wholesome people in my life; I’m so proud and happy that we’re like a family, collectively working together to run articles and uphold our publication’s reputation. And that’s one of the benefits of families you find: you get to grow with others and see collective success within the family that only boosts happiness, satisfaction, and in my case, work ethic and synergy to produce great pieces of work. 

Another benefit is the ability to learn new things. We already have our parents to teach us the essentials like morals, common sense and basics in life. However, having other people close by can allow us to attain new knowledge and information in another area or perhaps even more of the basics. For instance, at the start of my newspaper journey, I was a total newbie and felt overwhelmed by the amount of procedures required for writing and publishing stories. But because of our adviser, in addition to everyone on staff willing to help each other out along with my good-hearted mentor, I was able to get caught up and in the loop.

However, I think it’s the experiences you have together as a family that takes the cake as it can create a special and emotionally fulfilling bond. That is what a family is for: to be a source of happiness and support for whenever you are in need of help. I’m proud and lucky that “The Hawk Eye” and the people in it are my family. They have become a beacon of joy and satisfaction of which I have not felt for a long time prior to 2022. Everyone in room 1315 never fails to make me feel valued and involved. Seeing us together running stories, helping each other, conversing and laughing is enough to keep me happy.

When establishing or joining new bonds and families, I do my best to cherish every tiny event that goes on day-to-day as it won’t last forever. Because looking back at things and being days away from summer vacation with the seniors departing high school, I understand that our group isn’t always in harmony, though there isn’t a day when I didn’t glance around the room to see how great of a family we are. 

Seek to establish new connections and be thankful for future and existing families. Here, this all wouldn’t have been possible without the seniors and editors. I’ll miss you all so much.