Magnified: The Illuminati

What do most celebrities have in common? Fame. Money. Fans. The Illuminati.

For the past few years we have all heard used this term in our daily conversations. Sometimes it’s linked to the celebrities that we adore so much. We have heard many crazy theories in the past pertaining to the ‘elite’ (rich citizens) and celebrities. From shape shifting lizards, to active members of the Illuminati, the theories can extend to many topics.

The well known symbol for the Illuminati.
The well known symbol for the Illuminati.

The Illuminati is an organization that has total power of the government and are against the ways of religion and superstitions. This organization’s way of life led to the “New World Order,” a totalitarian government in which only the elite have power. Many claim the Illuminati was in fact a real group that was banned after they were verified by the government, kind of like the Freemasons.

The Illuminati have four main beliefs: The Money is the route to all freedom. The Eye is the advanced ability to study, improve, and self-employ. The Light, an inner compass that points to the light to guide the humans. And last but not least, The Eternal, humans are on a never ending course.

For a bunch of greedy elites, this seems too religiously structured for an organization trying to stay away from that point of view. The only difference is that there is no higher power. Of course their money replaces that. The many affiliations of the Illuminati have presumably affected the human population as a whole, and not always for the better.  

The size of our human population has always been a problem for our society. If we end up overpopulated, we could have a shortage of resources. If we end up underpopulated, we may not have enough people to run a proper society. The Illuminati has associations with this too; they want to find a way to stop from the population from growing. They believe the elite should have the resources needed to survive.

This is just a way of saying that the poor or middle-class citizens don’t matter. Yet, they need us to do the jobs they can’t do, in order to keep the society running. The sense of a totalitarian government they want will rip the world into drastic classes (worse than they are now).

So why do celebrities gain more money than a working class citizen? They have the power needed to influence the everyday man in order to join the Illuminati. Nowadays, certain signs can be seen during concerts, TV programs, celebrity artwork, and music. The ever famous triangle was shown by celebrities like Kanye West, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Wiz Khalifa. Others have referenced the Illuminati in their music and have been called out by conspiracy theorists.

The Illuminati is just a gateway into many more conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories that’ll blow your mind, or make you want to crawl into the safety of your bed. They can help you grasp an understanding of the world.