Magnified: Daylight Savings


On Nov. 6th, our clocks all had to be winded back an hour in order to match Daylight Saving Time, the special day where we either get to sleep in or be on top of our schedule.

Daylight Saving has been implemented since the 1900’s. It was first campaigned by Englishman William Willet. He wanted people to be able to enjoy plentiful sunlight. It was not invented for the farmers despite popular beliefs. Their practices revolved around the sun, not the time, so they never needed the extra hour, which was disruptive.

For many decades, we have practiced this in order to save some hours before winter. Now for many people out there, this just another case of conspiracies.

It is claimed that the reason behind Daylight Saving is to help the economy gain more money. With the longer days, people tend to spend more time and money outside. This can also be seen with the gasoline prices. People are spending longer time in their cars or in public transportation. If the original ‘goal’ was to save energy, it didn’t really work out.

What comes along with Daylight Saving are the negative side effects it has on people. Although the government claims it is supposed to reduce accidents, studies show this is false. Because of the physical grogginess people tend to feel due to the lost hour of sleep when clocks are changed in the spring, there have been many more car accidents than other times during the year. This is claimed to be the government wanting to control the people.

Which brings us to the most interesting theory of all: Daylight Saving is the government’s way of world domination. Setting the time back an hour is a sign of mastering the space-time continuum. This allows the government to mess with time itself and our recorded dates. This leads to the control over the world market and the military, which makes them the rulers of the world.

The true purpose of the Daylight Saving Time is still a mystery. But we still seem to practice it without a second thought. Everyone just seems to take the extra hour of sleep, without a second thought. But maybe that’s exactly what the government wants you to do.