Magnified: Disney Conspiracies


I still remember my childhood days, cuddling into a blanket, my mom bringing in juice and making popcorn for everyone to watch Disney movies. The memories that have come with Disney movies also correlate with my fascination of Disney conspiracy theories. This is just a list of a few mind-blowing theories, for the typical Disney fanatic, like myself.

Out of all the conspiracies from Disney, one that stuck out to me was The Little Mermaid – Tarzan – Frozen theory. In this, all three movies are connected through the shipwreck of Anna and Elsa’s parents. Basically, it all starts in Frozen; the king and queen go on a trip, leaving their children behind. Their ship ends up crashing on an island and sinking to the bottom of the ocean, this is the ship Ariel explores in the movie The Little Mermaid. The parents survive the shipwreck and end up creating a life there. After a while, they have a baby boy, the famous Tarzan. One awful day the king and queen get eaten by a jaguar and the gorillas take Tarzan in as one of their own. Yes, I know, this is a bizarre theory.


If anyone was paying close attention to the song “For the First Time in Forever” in Frozen, you can see Rapunzel and Flynn walking into Arendelle on Elsa’s coronation day. Both Elsa and Rapunzel are claimed to be related through Elsa and Anna’s father. A weird similarity in both characters is the blond hair: magical blond hair. It seems as if the magic thing is only for the blonds in the family. Come on, Anna didn’t get any.


Speaking of relationships, Jane from Tarzan and Belle from Beauty and the Beast are supposedly grandchild and grandmother. For one, they look alike, with the light brown hair and the yellow dress. They also both have the ability to talk to and understand beast-like creatures. In the movie Tarzan, you can see the famous teapot set from Beauty and the Beast; this is most likely a hand-me-down from Belle.


Now what if Aladdin took place in the future? The Genie says he was stuck in the lamp for 10 thousand years, which can only be in our future. You can see in the movie that Genie quotes actors from our time and not from ancient days. So the magic carpet is actually a futuristic technology.


Once again, Frozen comes into the equation; this time with political issues. The whole topic of Frozen is about the environmental issues in the world. The climate changes on earth are shown through Elsa accidentally changing the weather into a never ending winter. This shows the stopping of global warming and the rising of the oceans. Prince Hans represents the small islands who always get flooded due to the rising oceans. Queen Elsa represents the extreme conditions we could encounter if the drastic changes still occur.


One of my all-time favorite movie series is Toy Story. The way the team brings the characters to life is just amazing. When I heard this theory about Andy’s mother, it was interesting. So apparently Andy’s mother is Emily, Jessie’s original owner. In the first Toy Story movie, you can see Andy wearing the same red hat that was once Emily’s. And in every single movie, you can see the amount of importance Woody gets when she talks about him. You could say this was because she wanted him to have something memorable, just like she had Jessie while growing up.


A mind boggling theory I came across connects the movies Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid into a tragic story. If you look closely in the Peter Pan movie, you can see a mermaid that looks a lot like Ariel. This mermaid is claimed to be Athena, Ariel’s mother. It is said that Captain Hook killed her during the movie.  If you connect the release dates of Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid, you can see the mermaid would have been 36 when Ariel is 16. In the movie, King Titan says that Athena was killed by a human, this is the reason behind him being against humans and the earth world.


Although there are many more conspiracy theories that I could talk forever about, I have to end here. These theories take a lot of brain work to actually uncover and of course you have to have the patience to go back and see if they are actually true. But in the end, it’s satisfying in a way to see them all play out, especially if they could be in one universe.