Magnified: Cloning

Cloning: gathering a person’s DNA to make a replica of them. This topic can go into more depths than just the first cloning case of Dolly the sheep. Cloning is often related to the Illuminati and people they are trying to reach. Many conspiracy theorists believe clones of celebrities are used to influence the public in a mind controlling way.

Physical attributions and actions of many celebrities have changed over the years. These changes of famous celebrities are believed to show cloning in action. Celebrities are known to have experienced many ‘cloning glitches’ during their performances or daily lives.

Does the Illuminati really have anything to do with all this cloning drama? Many theorists, including myself, believe that many celebrities have been killed by the Illuminati and are being replaced by clones. The ever rising list of these celebrities include Eminem, Al Roker, Beyoncé and more.

The Illuminati sends out small symbols which are connected to the organization like triangles, fake satanic-like rituals, the eye, and snakes. You can see this through many music performances of artists like Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, and many more. These signs can also be found in necklaces, rings, cloaks, and any attire. Many celebrities have been seen showing the ever famous triangle with their hands.

By killing, cloning, and replacing these celebrities, the Illuminati is subtly influencing the public. They are changing the government in order to promote the New World Order. This group wants to infiltrate other organizations and make people act like their slaves.

Beyoncé’s actions during a basketball game show us a possible zoned-out clone, almost looking as if she was receiving instructions. There were alleged claims that she was killed and then cloned to prevent the possible mass hysteria her death could bring.


The same ‘glitch’ occurred to news reporter Al Roker during a news story. His fellow reporters said the words ‘Holy Ghost’ and he started staring into the camera. This very creepy look on his face stayed for a good 50 seconds, which is not a normal thing to occur during a broadcast story. This was later reported as just a bet between the producer and Roker, but they could just be covering up the possibility of cloning.


This “glitch” may have also affected the famous rapper Eminem. After being checked into rehab, he was believed to have died there and been cloned. This brought a lot of controversy to the topic and the legitimacy of Eminem.


All of these cloning incidents bring some humor into the whole conspiracy world. I mean, come on, look at those faces.