The missing case of Bruno Borges

Bruno Borges was a 24-year-old philosophy student living in Brazil, and on March 24 of this year, he went missing.

Borges believed he was different than the majority of people; he believed he was more special and gifted than most. Borges believed in the existence of aliens, seeking answers to the unknown and figuring out what the true meaning of life was. He studied philosophers and took a particular interest in one philosopher, Giordano Bruno. Borges believed Bruno to be ahead of his time; he also believed he was this philosopher reincarnated.

Giordano Bruno was born in 1548 and died in 1600. He was an Italian-Dominican philosopher, mathematician, poet and theorist. Bruno had a strong belief in the infinity of inhabited worlds and was one of the first to express his thoughts about the existence of extraterrestrial life. Because of Bruno’s opinions and beliefs, he was prosecuted by the Church and eventually burned at the stake.

One of the reasons Borges believed he was Bruno reincarnated was because they had similar beliefs and appearances. 

(Bruno Borges on left, Giodarno Bruno on right) Photo provided by MissiongalacticFreedom


It’s bizarre how much these two look alike, and the fact that they both have Bruno in their names leaves me baffled.

Researching this case was a little difficult since it occurred in Brazil, and most of the articles were written in Portuguese. From what I could gather, it’s clear to me that Borges had a lot going on that many people didn’t know about. He had written a lot of books on what he believed the meaning of life to be, aliens and many more concepts that were out of this world.

Before Borges’ disappearance, I saw a lot of reports that he had locked himself in his room for 24 days and completely transformed it into what seems like a temple or shrine of his own work. He wrote all over the walls in this room, had his books that were encrypted out on a display case and even a statue of Bruno right in the center of the room. There was also a painting of Borges and an alien side by side hanging on the wall.

Painting of Borges with an alien beside him, both wearing white cloaks.
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 It is said that Borges had borrowed 20,000 reais (Brazilian money) from his cousin to fund the making of this room, or as Borges called it, his “project.” Borges also had purchased the statue cheaper than it should have cost because the sculptor, Jorge Rivera Plata, admired Borges’ project.


A statue of Bruno that stands tall in the center of Borges’ room.
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Another interesting fact I found was that Borges had ordered three cloaks from a dressmaker, similar to the one seen in the painting. Apparently, the dressmaker asked Borges if this was for church to which he answered “almost that.”

Borges was last seen in a T-shirt and shorts with a backpack getting into a taxi. The taxi took him to a motel. What I find interesting is that behind this motel, there was a place that was said to be spiritual and used for gatherings and shrines.

Taking in all this information, I read up on many different theories, and the one that makes the most sense to me would be that Borges willingly left his home as a marketing strategy to get people curious about his works.

Most of the other theories include that he was abducted by aliens, which I think is pretty far-fetched. Another suggests he may have joined a cult, which would explain the cloaks Borges purchased, but that’s all the evidence that would support this theory.

In support of what I think happened, some of Borges’ friends actually came forward and believed this was also a marketing strategy. After hearing about a missing person who has written these books on what he believed to hold the answers to the universe and the meaning of life, I was captivated by the story and interested in what his books were about.

Borges’ father also came forward and said that he would help Borges patent his books if he would come back. Authorities in Brazil strongly agree that Borges had left willingly, that there were no signs of a kidnapping.

But, since Borges has not yet returned home, this case remains unsolved.