Vestige Knowledge: The Perpetual Quest


With passion for knowledge, wisdom shall follow.

Since my early years, I have always had questions about life, consciousness and reality. These questions sent me on a perpetual quest for answers and truths.

I started looking around myself, examining the external world. I quickly realized I needed to understand myself first in order to set a good foundation. I began inspecting my purpose, passion, virtue and character. As I better understood myself, the world became clearer. But the more I became aware, the more questions I had.

To this day I am still seeking answers, learning, gathering information and gaining knowledge.   What I am going to do with this blog is record my thoughts through my quest for wisdom. Here you will discover arcane knowledge, information that many do not know simply because of ignorance. My research will involve all kinds of subjects: ranging from self-awareness to the global elite. You will become informed, knowledgeable and enlightened. My intention is to present information to you so that you are encouraged to do your own research and develop your own opinion.

It was once said that the truth shall set you free. This is true, for the truth will shine light on things that must be known. All things are a piece of the grand puzzle. You must realize that everything is connected simply by existing. By knowing yourself, you will know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The next course of action is your choice to make.