Rija Hates Everything: Boys will be boys


Illustration by Yasmin Haq

“Toxic masculinity” is hard to explain when there are men who get offended by it quickly and claim that it is made by “men-hating feminists.” It is a phrase that is widely misunderstood and can seem wildly insulting, even bigoted.

“Toxic Masculinity” is a man using his masculinity in an excessive way. The traits may include being violent, insensitive, aggressively competitive or not showing any emotions whatsoever.

Recently, Gillette came out with an advertisement called “We Believe” that shows men standing up to other men who condone bullying, harassment and of course, toxic masculinity. This ad sparked up a ton of controversy, but I don’t think it’s a problem; the people who got offended by it are the problem.

Piers Morgan quoted his opinion on Gillette’s ad and his article is literally named “I’m so sick of this war on masculinity and I’m not alone – with their pathetic man-hating ad, Gillette have just cut their own throat.” He also wrote “The subliminal message is clear: men, ALL men, are bad, shameful people who need to be directed in how to be better people.”

Now, this ad was not made to threaten your masculinity. This ad was made to show a  group of men that what they think is not really OK. This ad was made to show men of the future that having basic manners is fine, and you don’t always have to be aggressive with things.

Men who got offended by this ad can, should and must do better. The ad wasn’t a joke; it wasn’t saying “ALL men are bad.” It was targeting men who use their masculinity in a toxic way.

Having basic manners and equality should not be that hard to attain. Yet it still is.

It’s so hard to have equality because men with toxic masculinity get so offended by others who ask them to tone it down with their pathetic act.

When you see men being toxic, stop excusing it as “boys will be boys” and start holding them accountable for their actions so they have the idea of what is right and what is wrong. I promise you no one’s masculinity will be threatened.