Tuning in with Leila: The supposed king of R&B


Illustration by Yasmin Haq

Why does Jacquees consider himself the king of R&B/Soul? I’m not exactly sure. 

Jacquees has been in the music industry since 2014, and while he is a renowned artist with great tracks such as “You” and “Come Thru,” he doesn’t deserve the title “King of R&B.”

“King of R&B” is Jacquees’ second album, released on Nov. 8th, further underscoring Jacquees’ belief that he is superior to other R&B/Soul artists in the industry. Now, I don’t want to sound too negative, but I don’t believe Jacquees deserves the title at all. His music is always the same, he barely releases music and is very egotistic. I’m not going to lie, this album may not have had any variety but nonetheless, was satisfactory. 

He starts the album with “King,” and we can all guess why. The first few lyrics state that he wants to “let everybody know that I’m the king of R&B right now,” which is controversial. Like I said before, he barely releases music and his music is always the same. This track features prominent rapper T.I., spicing the song up just a little bit. 

Two songs later, “EEeee” featuring TK Kravitz combines irritating, strange sounds. This is the worst song on the album, and may even be the worst song ever produced by Jacquees. That may have been a little intense, but a majority of the song is of him just making the “eeeee” sound. What kind of song is that?

Don’t feel discouraged Jacquees, “Risk It All” featuring my favorite artist ever, Tory Lanez, may have saved the album. Including Lanez’ talent and vocals in this song was the best decision Jacquees made for this album. Without Lanez, this album may have turned out to be a complete bust. Obviously, this track is my favorite, but only because of the featured artist. 

I’ll leave room to write that “All You Need” isn’t AS terrible and sort of mitigates the abominable sound that is this album. Featuring Quavo and Bluff City, “All You Need” is addressing single women and how Jacquees is “the one” for them. I liked this song solely because he somehow managed to get Quavo (eminent for his rapping skills) to sing and flaunt his vocals in this song.

Overall, this album was a big let down, and is now added to the list of albums I was highly anticipating but ended up strongly disliking. I was never a huge Jacquees fan to begin with, and I’m definitely not one now.